10Km Race Fear

A while ago I signed up to run a 10Km race for TAMBA. This is a charity that is very close to my heart as they lead vital research into multiple pregnancies and support families with twins or more through the specific complications and challenges that many of us face. After a terrible start to life for one of our little girls they have gone from strength to strength, but sadly this isn’t always the case and so I wanted to try to raise some funds to support the life saving work that TAMBA do.  I do love running (it wasn’t always that way), but as the race approaches I am getting more nervous and am increasingly wondering what I was thinking!!

To donate click here all donations go directly to TAMBA

I hurt my hip running the other day – probably just from overdoing the training or from the fancy new running shoes I bought.  It is so annoying as I can’t even run at the moment.  I am super competitive even with myself and so had hoped to complete the 10km in under 1hr, but now I don’t think that will be happening.  I will be completing it though and that is for sure!!

Entering something like this is quite a big deal for anxious old me.  I can feel the nerves building about the daftest things like:

And then there are more real fears like:

There are limiting beliefs in my head that are telling me that this will be hard and that I might not be able to do it.  I know that this is nonsense as I can run further than 10KM, but still the niggles and the doubts linger.  I try to be as positive as I can generally in life, but since having my twins I have found it harder to talk myself out of my limiting beliefs.  I tell my children to have a growth mindset about things that they want to do so I need to take my own advice and believe that yes I can….  So what do I plan to do to prepare?

  1. I am going to rest so that my hip injury has a chance heal
  2. I am going to accept that I might not be as fast as I would have liked, but I will be able to do it
  3. Do some meditation around positivity
  4. Sort out the practical stuff – where and when for example…

So it is time for me to get my positive pants on, get out those running shoes (not the new fancy ones) and just give it my best as after all that is all any of us can do.


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11 thoughts on “10Km Race Fear

  1. you and your positive pants can do it! run, kirsty, run! #THEsatsesh
  2. first of all well done to you for doing this for such a great cause! I think a lot of the time the fear of doing something is often greater than when you're actually doing it. i'm sure once you start running your adrenaline will take over and you will succeed greatly! xx G https://www.teawithgi.com
  3. Good on you girl - on lots of levels! Well done for facing your worries and not letting them stop you - I think a befriending meditation may really help - the one on the frantic world website is good! Well done for doing this for tamba - really love this charity and all they do for twin and multiple families. good luck! xx #thesatsesh Hayley@Mission:Mindfulness recently posted...7 Gifts Teachers Will LoveMy Profile
    1. Thanks for the suggestions. I will look that up x
  4. What a great cause and fab thing to do! Id love to do something similar one day. You Sound like you’ve got a positive midset and In my experiencE that’s half the battle with long distance running. Good lUck! Ps sorry about the capitals it won’t let me change it!
    1. And you totally can!
  5. What anamazing thing to do, you can do this, no idea what you do if you need the loo though x Samantha Donnelly recently posted...It Is My 3rd Blog AnniversaryMy Profile
    1. Me either!
  6. Well done, I think you are amazing. I'd never be able to do that.
    1. Thanks. You totally could! I honestly could barely walk never mind run

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