5 reasons I hate the school run

It’s Sunday evening in the house of chaos and I have just been polishing shoes, checking book bags and prepping school uniforms in preparation for tomorrow morning. I have the Sunday blues!  These are a bit like that sinking feeling that you get when you have to go to a job you don’t like on a Monday.  For me they are caused by the school run.  I hate the school run! Today I have been thinking about why…

5 reasons I hate the school run

  1. I am heavily out numbered.  It is 4:1… So whilst I am supervising one little another has a great opportunity to wreak havoc.  I hear tell tale sounds of taps running, fridges opening and my blood pressure starts to rise.
  2. It’s bad for my health.  I am sure being cross almost every morning by 8:45am cannot be good for a persons and it certainly causes me stress.
  3. I feel guilty after drop off – if I get cross with them I just hate it afterwards.  If they are messing around or not listening as we get to roads I have to get cross.  I want them to always know I love them and so can’t stand starting a day on a grumpy note.
  4. Time moves faster between the hours of 8am and 8:40am – honestly it does!  I swear we can be all dressed and eating breakfast by 7:30am and still I will be rushing around like a crazy person at 8:40am.
  5. For us it is almost always a school run… See point 4  It just sucks to have to make such little people rush and rush.  I want them to have time to play, but life is not like that.

Look I know this is not the most stressful thing in the world.  If the school run is the worst thing that happens tomorrow I will consider myself more than a bit lucky. It’s still true though I hate the school run!

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