8 Reasons I love Toddlers


It has been a difficult week or so here with two unwell toddlers who are very very grumpy.  I have been struggling with managing two sets of tantrums and two littles needing me so very much.  Rather than sit in the corner having a tantrum with them I decided to put on my positive pants and think about why I love toddlers.  I wanted to remind myself of the good as I know it will be back! (She says with all fingers and toes very much crossed!)

I love it when toddlers are trying to make sense of the world and my favourite age so far is between 18 months and 3yrs.  I love toddlers.  In spite of all their tantrums and ever growing independence  (Why Toddler independence is a pain) they are hilarious and you can literally see the formation of their personality unfold before you.

I love toddlers because they say funny stuff

  1. Their mummy is their world

    Until they head off to nursery I find that I (and their other important adults) are their whole world.  Being a parent to a toddler is like having super powers as all of a sudden one kiss or cuddle from you and any issue is solved.  Once they head off to school there are still many glimpses of this, but they start to have their own life too (annoyingly)

  2. Their burgeoning Independence

    It is a pain, but I love the way they need ‘you’ and want to ‘do it myself’ all at the same time.  They are torn between being a baby and being a ‘big girl’ or ‘big boy’ and it is impossibly adorable and remarkably irritating all at the same time

  3. They say such funny things 

    Toddlers do say the most hilarious things.  One of the twins is currently often found talking about Egypt as her brother has a Pyramid toy and so she often tells people that she is an Egypt.  She means Egyptian, but hasn’t quite worked that out.  She also can’t say Egypt properly yet and so actually walks around telling anyone who will listen that she is a Eejit (Irish way of saying Idiot) which makes me giggle each time.  I know I am easily amused, but I have four little kids so it is either laugh or cry much of the time.  Anyone who knows what an eejit it probably thinks I call her that behind closed doors!!

  4. They are starting to make sense of the world

    Well their toddler version of sense… One of the things I truly love to do is see the world through my toddler’s eyes so I often ask them what they know about different subjects.  For those of you who grew up in the 80s yes it is a lot like Child’s Play only without Michael Aspel!  For those who grew up later than that and have no idea what I am waffling on about – lucky you, you still have your thirties and I should think some skin elasticity.  I digress….   Back to the matter in hand: Jesus is a hot topic in our house as the boys go to a Catholic school and so to gauge what the girls understood so far I asked them two questions:  What do you know about Church? and What do you know about Jesus?  to which one replied: ‘My friends don’t like it… ‘ What friends are these I wonder?) and then the sum total of her thoughts on Jesus were ‘erm….  He has a big head’ It is that kind of bonkers talk that makes me love toddlers.

  5. They give such big cuddles

    Don’t you think that toddlers give the best cuddles ever?  There is nothing I love more than when one of my toddlers comes and wraps their arms around me neck and gives me a cuddle (and usually a very sloppy, slightly snotty kiss).  They almost melt into a cuddle especially if they are sad.

  6. The giggles 

    The toddler giggle when it just sounds like a tv commercial laugh is adorable and can make me smile no matter what

  7. They say inappropriate things

    When asked where they had put something of mine that they had been seen holding one of my toddlers once replied ‘ its up my bum’  Goodness only knows where they got it from, but I had a lot of trouble not laughing as I tried to stay very serious and remind her that she shouldn’t take mummy’s things.  The same little lady has also been known to say to a doctors who just enabled her to breathe again ‘I don’t like you!’  I mean she is entitled to her opinion, but I feel it is ill conceived to go down that route with the person who has the keys to the drugs cupboard – just saying!   My toddlers also have a distinct dislike for strangers who approach the buggy especially old ladies who want to tell them they are cute and ask me for the millionth time that day if they are twins (This and 9 other things are on my list of stuff not to say to a Twin Mummy) I think that toddlers and old women have a lot in common as they get away with saying stuff that anyone else might get beaten up for so I watch these exchanges with interest. A recent one went like this:

    Reasons I love toddlersOne of my toddlers is currently telling everyone she meets not to be awkward… If I am really unlucky that day she may also refer to them as a ‘worm’ (I let her watch Horrid Henry with her brothers – whoops!)  Now I am not suggesting that we all start going around saying exactly what we think all the time, but it would be interesting…

  8. They are so determined to succeed

    Toddlers are learning so much everyday it is really quite extraordinary.  If I had to learn the fundamentals of movement, coordination and speech as well as social patterns and etiquette in that short a period of time I am quite sure I would fail the final exam, but these little people do it.  It is amazing and what I love the most is that if they fail at doing something they will keep trying whether that be riding a scooter, putting on a coat or using a potty they keep going and whilst they might throw the odd wobbly or two they keep going until they crack it.  We could all learn a thing or two from them in that respect.

I love toddlers because they are funny

So that’s it 8 reasons why I love toddlers and will very shortly be having a bit of a weep as my littles will shortly no longer be toddlers.  They will become proper little girls with full on opinions and will need me just a little bit less. The thought of this makes me a little broken hearted, but since I also find my 4 and 6 year old hilarious and infinitely lovable I do know that there is still more to look forward to.

reasons I love toddlers

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14 thoughts on “8 Reasons I love Toddlers

  1. Ah I love this list! My son is napping and after reading this I just want him to wake up and cuddle with me, haha! :)
    1. Thank you. My littles were sleeping when I wrote the post. They look so adorable when they are asleep it is easy to think of all the fabulous things about them ha ha!
  2. A little part of me wants to go crawl in my toddlers bed and hug him tight but i wont because leta face it i dont really want to wake him!!! Im loving toddler life too they are Amazing. Mine is 3 in July so im holding on for the ride. I have a 4 month olD too thoigh so i i can do it all agai soon! Thanks for linking to familyfun
    1. My twins are number 3 and number 4 so this is my last spin round.
  3. […] back three weeks ago I am going to give a shout out to Kirsty at Navigating Baby for her 8 Reasons to Love Toddlers.  I must admit I love mine lots, amongst the ups and downs he’s pretty amazing! Thanks for […]
  4. I also love toddlers and children in general, that's the main reason that I registered as a child minder #wonderinbwednesday@_karendennis
    1. Thanks for commenting Karen x
  5. Yes! Yes! and yes! The giggling is my favorite and i love that we are their world! #Wanderingwednesday
    1. Thanks. The giggling I need to record next time before it changes
  6. my little 19 month old gives the best kisses with sound effects too, he says "mmmuuhh!"
    1. So cute!
  7. These are my favorite years too! I can look back at their whole life of my children and remember these years with great fondness! ❤️ #wanderinGWedneSday
    1. Today it’s a struggle to appreciate it as I have a very grumpy little girl but it is the best!

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