#BLOGTOBER18 Day 4 Starting Nursery

Today for #Blogtober18 the theme is dittty as it is #Nationalpoetryday and for us it is also the day that the twins start nursery.  The thought of this day kept me going during the toughest times of 4 under 4.  I knew it wouldn’t last forever and at that point I needed to know that.  Recently though the thought of this day has been looming as an ending.  An ending to my time of having babies and an ending to my real period of SAHM.  I won’t be heading back to the office anytime soon, but will I really be a stay at home mum when there are no littles at home during the day? 
I will miss so much about this period of my life, but I do also feel really positive about the next chapter where I am no longer at the mercy of the will of a toddler.  Anyway I have summed it all up in my own little ditty:
They are going to nursery;  today is the start
The start of a new chapter that might break my heart
‘The babies’, we call them; are babies no more
How will I feel as they walk through that door?
They are starting an adventure, but one without me
Its a great thing for them;  that of course I can see
So today I will smile as I wave them goodbye
Don’t tell them, but inside I might cry
8 years the house has been full of riot
Again again I have prayed for the quiet
But I’ll miss all the crazy, the noise and the fun
I’ll miss those smiles lighting my day like the sun
I’ll miss so much between 9 and 3
But I strongly suspect I might re-find ‘me’
It’s exciting, it’s scary to face something new
So here goes nothing and girls I love you!

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10 thoughts on “#BLOGTOBER18 Day 4 Starting Nursery

  1. Aww! I hope they have had a fab time at nursery and they settle in well. x Kim Carberry recently posted...Somewhere, someplace, today. #NationalPoetryDayMy Profile
    1. Thanks Kim. They did love it and were so excited so its great.
  2. Aww Kirsty! That brought a tear to my eye. Where does the time go?! I hope all went well on their first day... how was the quiet? #blogtober xx Annette, 3 Little Buttons recently posted...Rhyming like no one is watching for #NationalPoetryDayMy Profile
    1. Thanks Annette. I know it does seem just a second ago that they were actually babies. They loved nursery thank goodness and actually I felt really good about it and just enjoyed it.
  3. Aww! Beautiful words! Enjoy the peace! #blogtober18 GirlsGospel recently posted...Blogtober Day 5 – A Special TeacherMy Profile
    1. Thanks for your comment
  4. Aww! Hope they loved nursery and you managed to enjoy the peace. Lovely words. #blogtober18
    1. Thanks Tina and they did love it!
  5. This poem I can definitely relate to. My youngest starts nursery next year, and I don't want him to go. I will probably cry on the outside as well as the inside #Blogtober18
    1. I was fine in the end it was odd. I thought I would be emotional, but they were so excited I just couldn't be. #Blogtober18

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