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What Qualities Should You Look for In A Children’s Dentist?

What Qualities Should You Look for In A Children’s Dentist? Taking care of oral health is not just important for the adults but also for toddlers. It is not just about flossing and brushing their teeth twice a day. There is much more to dental hygiene which you should know about. It is very important […]

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Reflux in Babies: The Signs and Symptoms

 Reflux in Babies: The Signs and Symptoms Every Mum Should Know *** Contains Affiliate links.  If you use these to make a purchase I may receive a small fee, but this does not affect the price you pay at all and helps me to keep the site running. Infants often experience reflux throughout their […]

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Croup sucks!

I have written about Croup before and it’s back to bother us again. Croup Sucks! I just hate it as it is so frightening when they can’t catch their breath and it always comes at night like a stealth ninja to surprise and terrify small children. I jest but in our house this really is […]

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When my 4 month old baby had Croup it was the scariest night of my life.  In fact this was now 9 months ago and it is only now that I can look back on it and actually write about it without feeling the fear again. I should immediately say that Croup is usually a […]

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Newborns Gunky Eyes

Newborn babies especially those born by C-section often have gunk/ excess sleep coming from their eyes and this is something they do not tell you anywhere before you have a baby.  With my first baby I was convinced he had conjunctivitis or some other infection.  I then totally forgot about the whole thing and so […]

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