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Newborn Gunky Eyes

Newborns Gunky Eyes – Is it normal?

Newborn babies especially those born by C-section often have gunk/ excess sleep coming from their eyes and this is something they do not tell you anywhere before you have a baby.  I am not sure that the medical term is Newborn Gunky Eyes, but I am not a medical professional so I am going with […]

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Self Care after giving birth

This post was originally going to be about self care for mum’s whose babies had spent time in the NICU as I wrote about my experience with that last week and it got me thinking about all things I probably should have done differently after that period.  I am a complete nightmare for not doing […]

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My NICU Baby

Please note that this post about my NICU baby may prove a trigger for some.  In my case there is a very happy ending to our experience.  My daughter was cared for by First Touch an amazing charity saving babies every day. It has taken me a while to write this post and I wasn’t […]

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The change continues – a parenting fact

I am not a person who loves change.  As a child my mother says I would freak out at the start of every new school year as I would have a new teacher.  As I grew up I found it easier to tolerate as most people do and in my professional life the workplace was […]

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C section

C Section Myths Dismissed

So it seems to me that every day is international or national something day and so I generally don’t pay a huge amount of attention, but the other day I saw that this month is International Cesarean Awareness month and as I have had 3 C Sections I felt like I wanted to throw my […]

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Childbirth is not a competition!

Why do we only celebrate natural birth stories? Childbirth is hard no matter what the story and is not a competition!

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Top 10 things you need when having a baby

Over the past three years of mummyhood I have bought countless ‘wonder’ products and quick fixes, but most are gathering dust.  To help you avoid wasting your cash here are my top 10 things you need when having a baby: Moses basket – they really do sleep well in a cosy space and these are […]

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