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Top Tips for travelling with babies and toddlers

If you are planning on flying off somewhere exotic this Easter or summer then firstly I am jealous and can I come? Secondly don’t panic travelling with babies and toddlers doesn’t have to be a total nightmare. You can still kick back and enjoy the view – well at least at nap time. My tips […]

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travelling with kids stuff you need

Stuff you need when travelling with kids

Last week I wrote about family packing and shared some of the slightly more unusual things that I bring when we are going on holiday including the Nespresso – I know bonkers! Anyway I do also, believe it or not, bring some sensible stuff that over the years has helped me when travelling with kids. […]

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Family Holiday Packing

When you are a family of 6 you never pack light, but it is probably the most organised I am all year. Despite the fact that we typically only go to France and they have shops there, I pack like we are going on a military exercise to a remote desert location…. I think that’s […]

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A users double buggy review

I have now had 4 different double buggies and am considering a fifth and final one.  I think buggies have become like a new pair of shoes to me.  If I don’t need the fancy shoes anymore as I don’t go out much I am fine as a I get the same enjoyment out of […]

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Tips for flying with kids

Flying with kids

We finally braved flying with kids recently… in fact we had no choice as my sister was getting married abroad. I had flown many times when we had one or two children, but this time it was with all four.  I had planned to wait until they were all old enough to carry their own […]

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holiday preparation

Holiday Preparation

Holiday Preparation Its that time again… we are into holiday preparation. You might think I am mad as we don’t go for at least another 6 weeks, but with four kids and two still in nappies I have to start well in advance or I will lose my mind. I used to be so organised, […]

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travel cot review

Travel Cot Review

Travel Cot Review In my time of child rearing I have been the owner of several brands of travel cot as I strived to find the perfect solution so I thought I would share my experience and do a travel cot review for the ones I have including the Phil and Teds Traveller, the Baby […]

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