Christmas Decorations

We started the big decorate yesterday, but won’t be properly done until the 17th December when the real tree arrives.  We just started early this year as we are hosting a Christmas party.  I love a Christmas decoration and buying a new decoration is a lovely way to spend some time.  Any reason to look at glitter and sparkle works for me!!  I do also love putting up the Christmas decorations and starting the process of getting ready for the big day, but I must admit that it is the only part of Christmas that I feel would be better without lots of kids around.  So how can a control freak like me manage the kids and their crazy decorating….


Christmas decorations

The kids version

If I leave my little girls to get dressed by themselves it is at best fashion forward and at worst a fashion car crash. I mean they are only 3 so it’s pretty impressive they can get themselves dressed at all, but they can rarely go out in public in what they choose so it’s often quicker just to do it for them. See yesterday’s creation from our littlest twin:

I have now discovered that their approach to Christmas decorations is much the same as this outfit – just chuck it all on and hope something sticks!! I love Christmas decorations and I must admit that I have lots.  The kids wanted to put every single one up. Now part of me feels their pain as I hate the decision between the angels and the elves myself, but it must be done to avoid being able to see our Christmas decorations from space! Another part of me just wants the house to look like one of those amazingly coordinated places you see on Instagram. Internally there is a highly coordinated, fastidious decorator battling with my love of glitter and all that sparkles….

Control Freak!

I want the kids to have fun with it though and not spend every Christmas being told ‘no’ when they want to put that loo roll angel with its head hanging off pride of place next to a creation from lolly sticks. So we now have two trees! One in the front room which the kids don’t really go into much anyway and one in the family room. That is their space really and so they do that tree.

Now, dear reader, if you have been with me a while you may have picked up on my slightly highly strung and controlling ways so let’s not pretend that I just give them carte Blanche to decorate as they wish. I do want the Christmas decorations to not all be on the same branch (why do kids always do that?) It makes me giggle. My son was actually getting upset yesterday because he couldn’t fit yet another bauble on a branch already straining under the weight of the 30 he had already added…. He was incensed and threatening to knock the whole thing over. At that point it was time for a glass of vino!! (For me not him you understand)

Anyway I digress… The point is that I totally rearranged the distribution of the baubles, but that tree is where they can hang their Star Wars themed decorations, all the things they have made at school and the tinsel.  Well usually it is anyway.  This year we are hosting parent drinks next Friday so we have done a grown up tree in the family room and I have promised the kids we can take off the more grown up theme and they can go wild!

The tinsel debate

How do you feel about tinsel? I absolutely hate the stuff, but my kids and my mother could bathe in it They love it! I wonder if it’s a generational thing so because my parents adored it and covered the bloody house in it during the 80s I now hate it. In turn perhaps my kids will grow up loving it as mean mummy won’t let them have any and so will drown their house in tinsel as grown ups? We will see…

The theme

This year I am going with gold, silver and red for my tree and the kids have chosen carnage as their theme.

I do love the Christmas decorations that the kids make too so I have pulled out all the gold and silver salt dough and pine cones that they made last year to be included on my tree.

It was a bit like Christmas Day for me yesterday too as I was unwrapping decorations that I bought in the Cox and Cox sale last year. I didn’t even open them when they arrived and had forgotten which ones they were. It was like giving myself a gift!

Christmas Decorations as gifts

My mother is not know for her sentimentality. If I put down a keepsake near her for long enough it would surely end up in the bin (by the way I am now becoming her so realise this is just a response to the overwhelming amount of shit that kids want to keep) so I was surprised when she started the gorgeous tradition of buying my sister and I a silver decoration from a beautiful shop in Ireland each year that we could add to our tree and keep. They are all stunning and absolutely my prize Christmas decorations.

Creabea Handmade

I couldn’t possibly write about Christmas decorations without at least mentioning my sister and my mothers business making amongst other things Christmas Decorations. They are just stunning and also of course make up a lot of my decorations. Some of my favourites from this years collection are below and  you can see more at @creabeahandmade

Christmas decorations

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations

  1. I had to laugh when you said about everything hung on the same branch, my 2 year old did the exact same thing yesterday lol #blogmas2018
    1. It is an odd thing that they do especially when they are actually making it hard for themselves ;)
  2. love the idea of an adult and a children's tree :) - and i fully agree with you re the tinsel - not my thing and by far too much plastic. we had that debate in the office: some teams kitted out their entire area in tinsel, others not at all :)
    1. There is alot of plastic around in decorations, but I guess at least they are reused every year... Thanks for commenting

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