How to throw a kids homemade pizza party

Kids birthday parties  can cost a fortune!  One way to save money whilst still creating a great birthday experience for your kids is to throw a homemade version of a party.  We have all four of our kids birthdays within one month so it is super expensive.  I try to do at least one of the parties at home so that we are not also shelling out for venue hire.  My girls love helping in the kitchen so we have decided to do a homemade pizza party for them.  These are my top tips for how to throw a homemade pizza party.  POST CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS

Top tips for planning a homemade pizza party

  • My top tip is to buy the dough pre made. 
    • You can make it yourself and when it is just us I often do as the kids like to get involved with mixing and weighing ingredients, but with a whole group of kids it just doesn’t work as the proving takes too long and the mess is immense!!
  • Divide the dough before the children arrive so that they each have an equal piece
  • Preheat the oven and get the trays ready
  • Pre-cut all of the vegetables and pre grate the cheese

homemade pizza party ingredients

  • Either buy or pre make the tomato sauce for the base.  I am using my hidden vegetable tomato sauce for our base
  • Have more than one bowl of each ingredient to avoid lots of passing around and spilling of ingredients and squabbling over who has what.
  • Have an activity prepared for the time when the pizzas are cooking so that they are occupied. 
    • We are giving each child a chef’s hat when they arrive and then when the pizzas are in the oven we will put out stickers and felt tips so they can decorate them
  • Get the kids to hand stretch the dough so you are not trying to find a dozen mini rolling pins!!
  • Give the kids aprons and ensure that you let the parents know what is planned so that no one comes wearing their best clothes as they are bound to get messy
  • Come up with a way of marking each pizza so you know who it belongs to.  I am just using little folded cards with names on and then as they go into the oven I will remove card and put it on the relevant plate 
  • Demonstrate each stage to them as you go along.
    • Short simple instructions and visuals seem to work best
  • Think about the ages of the kids when deciding how much dough to use.  My girls are only four so we are making small pizzas which also means that cooking time will be greatly reduced!
  • Finally keep it simple – most kids won’t like anchovies so stick to easy and simple ingredients. I will be using:
    • Peppers
    • Pepperoni
    • Ham
    • Cheddar
    • Mozzarella

Have fun with your own homemade pizza parties!!  I would love to know how you get on if you try this.

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