My mummy handbag vs my 20 something handbag


On a recent night out to a friend’s 40th birthday party I was loving my outfit and feeling good.  I was feeling confident and then I reached into my handbag and pulled out toddler princess knickers!  I mean honestly – how not to be cool! Thank god they were clean! This was not a given… I cannot put my hand on my heart and swear that I wouldn’t have quickly stuffed knickers with wee on into my bag instead of the changing bag.  Anyway it made me laugh that this is what I had brought on a night out and reflect on the difference between my mummy handbag and my 20 something handbag…

My mummy handbag vs my 20 something handbag

Mummy  20 Something
A pair of toddler knickers – just in case  A pair of roll up ballet pumps – for tired dancing feet
A packet of wipes – for every eventuality  Toilet paper – in case the club runs out
Snacks – for them not me! Fags – idiot!
Phone – so I am armed with emergency peppa pig Phone – so we could coordinate the fun
Soft play membership card ID – as I deliciously still got asked
Wallet – for coffee or smashed avo (middle class who?) Wallet – for tequila

And which bag do I prefer?  The mummy one of course! Although it comes with sticky fingers, dirty bottoms and whingeing it also comes with cheeky grins, endless cuddles and unconditional love.  Honestly I wouldn’t swap either bag.  Being a Mummy changes you and as soon as they arrive you are signing up for a different life, but not a worse one.  Both my mummy bag and my 20 something bag make me who I am.  They are both part of me and my life and I have been lucky enough to have fun no matter which handbag I carry!

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