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dreadful mummy day

Dreadful Mummy Day

  Today was a dreadful mummy day in our household.  Most of the time I love the school holidays as we don’t have the morning rush, but for some reason today the wheels completely came off.  I have been having a difficult mummy week if I am honest and I am not really sure why.  […]

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things no one told me about being mummy

Things No One Told me about being a mummy

There are things no one told me about being a mummy that I am glad they didn’t share you know like their birth stories or worst still birth videos, but there are also things no one told me about being a mummy that I wish I had known so that I could have been prepared.  […]

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Quick Beauty Boosting Tips for Busy Mums

Quick Beauty-Boosting Tips for Busy Mums Only another mum can understand how little time you really have for yourself once you have children. Although it is extremely difficult, you need to find a moment for yourself.   Self care and taking time for you is vital for your mental health apart from anything else.  Let’s also […]

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Day 14 #blogtober18 Never doing that again!

On a day where the rain is pouring and I am feeling a tad hungover after a ball last night my never doing that again could easily just be staying up late and drinking. However, that would just be codswallop as we all know that I love a good night out and so despite it […]

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I made another mum feel bad – Mummy Guilt

Recently I went out for dinner with a group of mum friends and a few of them were saying that they liked the blog, but then it turns out that I made another mum feel bad with the Fruit Roll Ups.  She, like me, has four young children and said that she thought she was […]

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One day they will be grown…

Recently I completed my first 10km race something that less than two years ago I could never have fathomed doing in a million years and I did it in a very respectable time of 1:02 (since it was 30 degrees I was thrilled just to be able to do it!), but in the midst of […]

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potty training tips

14 things you need to know about potty training

If you are of a sensitive disposition I warn you this post contains talk of bodily functions!   I have just started potty training number 4 and despite the fact that I have just had to pick up a massive poo from my back garden I remain hopeful that this will be the end of […]

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funny parenting tips

The only parenting tip you will ever need!

OK I have cracked it! I have got the only parenting tip you will ever need!  If you have this in your parenting arsenal you are all set.  Your sanity can be saved so what is this amazing parenting tip?  Drum roll please…………………………………. What?  I hear you cry…  I am serious excuses are your best […]

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8 Reasons I love Toddlers

It has been a difficult week or so here with two unwell toddlers who are very very grumpy.  I have been struggling with managing two sets of tantrums and two littles needing me so very much.  Rather than sit in the corner having a tantrum with them I decided to put on my positive pants […]

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Mummy Identity

Once you become a mummy your identity seems to disappear in a puff of smoke and you can feel a bit trapped or lost within this new mummy identity.  All of a sudden you stop being you and start being so and so’s mummy. Recently my daughter asked me why people called me ‘Kirsty’  and said […]

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