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back to school

Tomorrow is back to school day after the holidays and apart from not jumping for joy at the thought of getting 4 littles up and out by 8:40am for the school run.  I have often said that I love the school holidays and now that they are coming to an end I feel a bit blurgh this evening.   I have spent today sticking in name labels, organising bags and PE kits and I am done.  The kids don’t seem that excited about the return to school which hopefully means they have had a good summer.  I know I have!  It has been really fun, but this past week we have for sure all been getting on one another’s nerves.  Nonetheless I will miss lots about those little loons when they head into school tomorrow.

8 things I will miss about my boys

  1. The noise – I am sure my neighbours won’t miss it, but I will. I love the chaos and the noise of them all playing together.  That is until I don’t and it starts to make my head hurt but it will be painfully quiet without the boys
  2. The behaviour –  my boys behave better during the holidays.  Sometimes I think they do too much during term time and are just tired so tend to act up and then in the school holidays that goes away.  They relax so much that I feel like we get the real them. I also think they use up a lot of energy trying not to say bum bum head and so they can’t control it once they get home.
  3. The variety –  I want to take advantage of the holidays and so we tend to do lots of different things and I have always hated doing the same thing each day so the routine of the school run gets me down a bit.  I love that feeling of waking up, looking out of the window and then deciding what to do – this holidays the weather has been unbelieveable so I will also miss all that outdoor time.
  4. My entertainments managers – the boys are great at coming up with games and getting their sisters involved.  I just love watching them all play together.  When the four of them are running around pretending to be aliens or moving statues (I didn’t get that one either!) and all clearly having a great time it makes every bit of stress of a large family more than worth it
  5. A slower pace of life – having some time to breathe has been amazing and I will miss that once we start rushing to all of the various activities that each little wants to do
  6. A morning cuddle – I am really going to miss our morning cuddles.  The four littles have been piling up to our bed and watching cartoons on Milkshake each morning before we head down for breakfast and it has been so cute and I’m not going to lie I have often dozed off for a little nap so I feel very refreshed after getting more sleep
  7. One to one time – I am blessed to have my parents near by and willing to come and help out. During the holidays this means I can have one to one time with each of the littles and especially the boys as of course they are usually at school.  It was lovely to be able to do fun things with each one of them and I will miss that once homework and activities kick in again.
  8. Chatting – I find that in the holidays the boys do way more chatting and I feel like I get more insight into their lives and thoughts on the world.  That time is really special to me and I miss it during term time when they come out of school and when asked about their day all I get was ‘it was good’.  It is like they use up all their thoughts and words during the day.  Their teachers get the benefits of hearing their thoughts – I suppose they do all the work so it is only fair, but still I miss it

So I sit here this evening bracing myself for the battle that will be tomorrow morning.  I hate the school run with all of my being so I am never feeling positive about it. I have been working on getting more organised so we will see if that helps, but I will probably need to reread this list before I get them up in the morning so I remember all of the stuff I love when I am ready to lose it!!


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37 thoughts on “Back to School – 8 things I will miss

  1. I know that feeling of I can't wait for them to be back to school so I have me time — and then after a while, I miss that constant presence, and the little exchanges thrtoughout the morning/afternoo. #DreamTeam
    1. It’s like everything really - the grass is always greener
  2. I am the same - i will miss all of that with my daughter and son. term time is great for routines but i also feel it's so hectic and they do so much and can get overwhelmed with it all. always glad of the relaxed time over the summer. #Dreamteam
  3. i have such mixed emotions about school starting again its very odd though i did enjoy some peace well as much as you can have with a 2 year old rampaging about the house #dreamteam
  4. I was a teacher for more than 30 years. When my boys were little, when they went back to school I went back too. That never seemed fair! :)
  5. I know the feeling! I am dreading sending my boys back to school. I love having them home. #DREAMTEAM
    1. They were so happy when they went in today it almost made me feel worse. It is lovely collecting them though and having them be all happy. Thanks for joining the #DreamTeam
  6. What a REFRESHING read! Most posts at this time of year are all about how glad parents were that their children were returning to school! I know im a teacher but even if i wasnt (And therefore loving the hols) i loved having my children home during the holidays. Like you said, the main reason was so that we could all slow down and be together. Lovely post. #dreamteam
    1. Thanks for your comment and of course for being on the #DreamTeam
  7. We too are going to miss having our girls around especially for relaxed morning cuddles and also we will switch on thursday from calm to chaos in the morning....
  8. Im the total opposite, my kids dont sleep so them being iN school gives me some recharge time so i can be the best dad i can when theyre home. I find the 24/7 of the summer holidays frazzkes me by the end
    1. Believe me I was totally frazzled by the end but I just hate the school run so much I would take anything over that
  9. I went back to school today and my mummy was happy and relieved I got on well! #DreamTeam
  10. I will really miss lie in's when I am back into driving the hour round trip to school twice a day again. #DreamTeam
  11. The morning cuddles!!! Miss that. #dreamteam
  12. The noise is so STRANGE. I miss tube BOYS.chats and observations X +dreamteam
  13. This is a lovely post, really nice to read. I value the free education which our children receive but I do worry that it can be too much for them so I love the summer holidays and getting to relax and have fun #dreamteam
    1. Hope your little one loved school and thanks for being on the #DreamTeam
  15. Remember feeling like this but these days I home educate which is a similar mix of joys and pains as schooling itself. We never get it all whatever our circumstances which is why self-care is so vital for mums #DreamTeam
  16. It's so nice to read a post where parents are going to miss their kids going back to school. I expect there's loads more lovely things you will miss too. it'll come around again soon though. #dreamteam
    1. Indeed and of course things I won’t miss at all thanks for joining the #DreamTeam
  17. All of this! I've not enjoyed the back to school slog at all. i miss my little dude! #dreamteam
  18. I've got the music on loud today, because I missed the noise #dreamteam
  19. I will miss these things about summer too!
  20. Sounds like you have had a lovely summer holiday with them all. it's interesting that you get to see a different side to them when they're off school for a little while. #dreamteamt
  21. The holidays felt like they went so quickly this time round. How did it all go with the school run? Love that yours say bum bum head too Haha!! thanks for being our new #dreamteam host. We are so excited to have you xx
  22. Thankfully I still get my morning cuddles at the weekend, something I treasure. The biggest challenge for me is our evening calls: "What was the best thing at school today?", "I can't remember" - argh!
  23. i love that you enjoy the holidays so much. I used to adore that time even though it was a challenge as a working mum. My mum and dad lived round the corner and loved having their only grandson, hed have days with his mates and if we mums were friends we'd chill with wine in the garden whilst the kids played....and of course, no school run! #dreamteam
  24. So many people experience relief when school starts again that they don't really consider what they will miss out on. Great points made here! #DreamTeam
  25. I love holiday time where i get to spend quality time with my kids but when the holiday is too long then i wish school can start again #dreamteam
  26. I think my youngest finds life very dull while the older 2 are at school. He wants to go to preschool every day but I just can't afford it. #dreamteam
  27. I've got to agree with you about behaviour being so much better in the hols. I mean a lot of bickering goes on , but none of the moody grouchiness that comes from them being tired #dreamteam
  28. I have TO say as a work at home mum I was desperate for term time to start AGAIN - I know what you mean ABOUT the school run though #DreamTeam
  29. My little one is only 1 so I've got all this to come, but it's a great insight into the world of being mum to school kids. i hope their return went well. #dreamteam
  30. Such a tough time of year for us all! Changes, transitions, after-school activities. Sometimes I feel I see them for dinner, and that's it. I love the summer pace! The movie night snuggles, the long days that extend well past dinner. xoxo #DreamTeam xo
    1. Oh movie night snuggles - my fav! #DreamTeam

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