Back to School – 8 things I will miss

back to schoolTomorrow is back to school day after the holidays and apart from not jumping for joy at the thought of getting 4 littles up and out by 8:40am for the school run.  I have often said that I love the school holidays and now that they are coming to an end I feel a bit blurgh this evening.  I will miss lots about those little loons when they head into school tomorrow.

8 things I will miss about my boys

  1. The noise – I am sure my neighbours won’t miss it, but I will. I love the chaos and the noise of them all playing together
  2. The behaviour –  my boys behave better during the holidays.  Sometimes I think they do too much during term time and are just tired so tend to act up and then in the school holidays that goes away.  They relax so much that I feel like we get the real them
  3. The variety –  I want to take advantage of the holidays and so we tend to do lots of different things and I have always hated doing the same thing each day so the routine of the school run gets me down a bit.  I love that feeling of waking up, looking out of the window and then deciding what to do – this holidays it would have been nice if the sky had been a bit less grey, but still…
  4. My entertainments managers – the boys are great at coming up with games and getting their sisters involved.  I just love watching them all play together.  When the four of them are running around pretending to be aliens or moving statues (I didn’t get that one either!) and all clearly having a great time it makes every bit of stress of a large family more than worth it
  5. A slower pace of life – having some time to breathe has been amazing and I will miss that once we start rushing to all of the various activities that each little wants to do
  6. A morning cuddle – I am really going to miss our morning cuddles.  The four littles have been piling up to our bed and watching cartoons on Milkshake each morning before we head down for breakfast and it has been so cute
  7. One to one time – I am blessed to have my parents near by and willing to come and help out.  We also have a nanny so I can work and have a chance to do things like reading or homework with the littles.  During the holidays this means I can have one to one time with each of the littles and especially the boys as of course they are usually at school.  It was lovely to be able to do fun things with each one of them and I will miss that once homework and activities kick in again
  8. Chatting – I find that in the holidays the boys do way more chatting and I feel like I get more insight into their lives and thoughts on the world.  That time is really special to me and I miss it during term time when they come out of school and when asked about their day all I get was ‘it was good’.  It is like they use up all their thoughts and words during the day.  Their teachers get the benefits of hearing their thoughts – I suppose they do all the work so it is only fair, but still I miss it

So I sit here bracing myself for the battle that will be tomorrow morning.  The boys have to go back in their summer uniforms and the littlest boy hates shorts – so that should be good for a row.  I will probably need to reread this list before I get them up in the morning so I remember all of the stuff I love.

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