Autumn Date Night Ideas

Do you set aside time for a ‘date night’ regularly?  We haven’t had a set night before, but now that the kids are all at school during the week and we have a more set routine we are planning to have a regular date night every week.  Let’s face it though once you start adding in babysitters it can get expensive to do that regular date night.  This is especially true in the lead up to Christmas when every penny counts.  So I have been trying to think about cheap or free things that we could do together for date night this autumn.

autumn date night

When my husband and I met some 17 years ago the world of the dating site was only just starting and the concept of dating didn’t really exist in the UK.  You just met someone and started going out.  There was none of this dating several people at one time really so the whole idea of dating is relatively new to us.  I do think that it is a great way for a couple to reconnect though.  Especially once you have kids it can be hard to get any time to actually speak to one another unless it is about nappies or bath time… 

These days WeLoveDates and though I do love a meal at a fancy restaurant it is more just about getting some time to be me and him and not just mummy and daddy.  Trying to do a more cheap date night takes a bit more creativity.  Hope you like the date night ideas I have come up with.

Take advantage of the still lighter evenings

September and October are a great time to maybe just take a walk together.  We live near to three lovely commons and on the lighter evenings it is great to just head outside and walk and talk.

Do a workout together

Ok, ok I know this might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but doing something active together is great for getting those positive endorphines flowing.  You could always follow it with a drink as a reward afterwards.  We were not the couple who worked out, but now we go out once a week together and we do actually have a laugh.

Have a lunchtime picnic

Who said that a date night actually had to be at night?  Now that our kids are in school the early autumn time, when that sun is still shining,  is a great opportunity to make a picnic and grab a quick lunch date together.  It does help that the husband can work from home once a week.  It is nice grabbing 40 mins together in the middle of the working day.  It feels like a real treat

Cook a favourite meal

Maybe forget about a babysitter and just take it in turns to cook one another’s favourite meal.  Or even cook together if the kids are old enough to be left to their own devices for s few minutes. Once those kids are in bed then you can maybe set the table and sit quietly enjoying time together.  The only rule is no talking about the kids 😉

autumn date night

Visit a Gallery

This one will cost you a babysitter, but on an autumn evening it can be lovely to be warm inside a gallery or a museum looking at an exhibition or just sitting and watching the world.  There are some great exhibits at London museums that don’t cost the earth or are evening free and many do late nights these days.  

Do you have any ideas for a cheap or free date night?  Leave me a comment below.

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