Baby’s First Birthday

Today was the little ones first birthday and I was more excited last night than I am for my own birthday.  There is something so magical about a baby’s first birthday the idea of everything being brand new and experienced for the first time really appeals to my imagination and makes me go OTT on the celebration front.

With our first child I planned his first birthday meticulously for weeks.  It was an occasion I didn’t know if I would ever be able to celebrate, due to fertility issues, so I really wanted to do it properly.  It is also my birthday 5 days before his so we were to have a joint party meaning there were around 60 people invited.  Frankly in hindsight this was insanity, but also rather fabulous.  I didn’t go totally insane there were no caterers or entertainers.  I did it myself, but I still went totally over the top for a first birthday which he won’t remember so I guess really I did it for my husband and I.  Don’t get me wrong the big one did love it and spent the whole day toddling around after our godsons and playing with bubbles nonetheless there was an element of extravagance with the ‘event’.

This time round there was really no option to go crazy again as I simply have little or no time available to arrange and cater for that number of people, but I still wanted to mark the occasion and make sure that he had a lovely time.  I decided to bring down invite numbers by only inviting those who had a baby of around 12 months or younger themselves.  This seems to give the right mix of toddler and baby so that the big one will have people to play with, but I won’t have to essentially organise two parties; one toddler appropriate and one baby appropriate.  I managed to totally reign it all in until in a panic yesterday I realised that the older children will be fairly devastated if a party bag is not produced at the farewell.  Cue a mad ordering session on amazon and fingers crossed that it will arrive on time….

So the party is set for this Saturday and I have no idea what cake I am making, I haven’t planned the catering at all and I foresee a last minute dash to the pound shop for party bag favours, but will the little one care – no!  He is a delightfully happy smiling little boy who this afternoon at his birthday tea bypassed his ‘big gift’ in order to toddle in a wobbly fashion towards the crisps.  It was as if he knew it was his birthday and that I would allow him a taste.  Having seen his little face light up on route to that snack I remembered that a first birthday is really just about making him smile and as long as that happens I will have thrown the best party ever even if the cake hasn’t risen and the party bags contain air. Lets hope I can remember this zen feeling when I am elbow deep in icing sugar and party sandwiches on Saturday morning!



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