Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys

I have recently written about some of the Christmas Gift Ideas I had for my children and specifically my girls so this one is going to be focused on the boys.  The post contains affiliate links to the products I have already bought or am about to purchase.  Now of course lots of these gifts could be for either sex, but these are just the things that my boys are interested in

That Letter to Santa

The boys are old enough at 7 and 5 to write some of their Christmas Gift Ideas down in their letters to Santa which makes it easier for me to plan out what they might like.  They don’t understand the value of things just yet though and certainly don’t understand about budgets.  Especially when Santa is involved!  They don’t get why, if the elves are making everything, the cost of them in a shop matters….  Now that is a tricky one!  The fact is remains though that if we followed their wish list exactly we would be destitute!  So we have to be sensible about it.

I do also want this to be a time when they get stuff that is actually useful rather than just the latest bit of whatever that happens to be trending this year.  I have learnt from previous purchases never to just go with something they see on a TV advert and are desperate for in that moment as invariably it isn’t what they really want.  So now I take the letters and think about how or when they could play with them.  We have so many toys here (inevitable with four kids) and so I don’t want to add to the level of ‘stuff’ unless I am really sure they will play with it for more than 5 minutes.  


This year Lego featured heavily in the lists and some of it was unbelievably expensive so we couldn’t get everything on the list, but these are some of the more reasonable items which seem to be very popular as some of them were tricky to get.  You will notice it is all Lego Minecraft this year. 


If you are a regular reader you will know that one of my sons is having a bit of trouble with this reading malarkey.  I am trying to help him as much as I can and think part of the problem might be that he is bored of the books he is being asked to read.  So I have been on the look out for some more interesting topics for him that might just get him engaged with the idea and benefit of reading.  I found these DK early reader books and was all in!  He loves a bit of ninja and superhero stuff so I really think he will like these.


I have also ordered this corker of a book as if there is something disgusting he will always love it.  Now I know he won’t be able to read this himself, but I am hoping by sitting with him and reading it he may just get excited by what you can find in a book and so get more motivated.


I am the biggest fan of playmobil as I just love how it sparks their imagination.  I love just watching them create their imaginary worlds and situations when they are playing with these toys.  We have lots of it already, but this year the wish was for a police station.  He already has a lego one, but has been moaning that it falls apart whenever they play with it and this is another reason I love playmobil.  They can play with it without pieces coming off and without me having to rebuild it every two minutes.


Board Games

I love a good game at Christmas.  As children we used play games as a family after Sunday lunch and I would love to do this with my kids, but for now they are too small for anything complicated so we have gone for a couple of classics in Kerplunk and Buckaroo.  I know they are going to love them and that we will have great fun playing them.


XBox Games

The boys have an Xbox so I have also got them both a new game.  I tend to like games that they can play together.  This time I have gone for FIFA as one of them loves football and Sonic as you can’t go wrong with a good platform game.  There are some other games that look good in this list too, but I decided one each was enough.

I am no gifting expert and having never been a little boy I must admit I find it harder to get gifts for them, but I think they will be happy!  This post was written as part of #blogmas18

Me Becoming Mum


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