Family holiday packing 1

Family Holiday Packing

Family holiday packing

When you are a family of 6 you never pack light, but it is probably the most organised I am all year. Despite the fact that we typically only go to France and they have shops there, I pack like we are going on a military exercise to a remote desert location…. I think that’s my annoying anxiety throwing it’s two pennies worth in as usual! Anyway as I start to prepare for this years holiday and begin the family holiday packing I have decided to do a series of posts about preparing for holiday and travelling with kids.  We all know how fun (for fun read awful) it can be getting from A to B with littles in tow so I hope that some of these posts will save your sanity help you to make it without strangling your other half or wishing you had just stayed home!

The posts headed your way include:

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As I write each one I will link to back to here so why not bookmark this page and just pop back and check it out.  Don’t forget to also check out our top tips for travelling with babies and toddlers with top tips for travelling with babies and toddlers and if you want some practical preparation tips then check out Birds and Lillies post:

Sophie’s nursery also has some great tips for smart packing

In the meantime here are some of the slightly odd things we bring on holiday that the more sensible among you may choose to leave behind:

  • A nespresso machine – I know ridiculous but a girl needs a latte and in the corner of France we frequent that is seemingly not an option
  • Aerocino machine – well if you are bringing the nespresso you might as well!
  • A spatula – we go to the same place each year and they have everything except this!
  • Coffee cups – they only have espresso ones no good for the aforementioned latte
  • A personal blender – what?  I need to have a smoothie – don’t judge me people.
  • Fans – seriously we bring these!
  • Sheets – to sleep under. I just like to have my own
  • Face creams and body creams galore – I labour under the mistaken impression that I will have time to do all this pampering on holiday. I seem to forget that we are bringing the kids!
  • Books for me to read – see above point about mistaken impression!

Now if you are currently thinking ‘what a lunatic’ you wouldn’t be wrong, but this is clearly an inherited gene as my dad wants to pack his ‘air fryer’ in his suitcase this year…. Honestly I don’t think he is joking. Not only is this bonkers it will also mean that he won’t be able to bring clothes…. So if you see a 69 year old straying around the vicinity of Bordeaux wearing nothing but sandals and an air fryer don’t be alarmed he just likes kitchen gadgets!!

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17 thoughts on “Family Holiday Packing”

  1. Oh my word kirsty you bring a nespresso machine with you?!! I Love that. never heard of that before but now considering taking mine lol. thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this and happy packing! xox

    1. I know I am bonkers. It didn’t even seem that crazy to me until I wrote it down, but honestly the coffee is dire and this middle class girl simply cannot survive without a latte for 3 week 😉 (BTW we drive so I am not trying to squeeze it into a suitcase x

  2. #thesatsesh haha, you really pack everything. I’m bad for packing shoes, like 24 on a sandy island. So, spatulas and sheets seems to make much more sense.

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