Formula Milk after 12 months.

I am currently confused… This happens a lot as a mummy I find as there is just so much conflicting advice about everything. Using my slightly dodgy mummy compass I am trying to work out whether or not I should still be giving formula post 12 months or not.

We have always stuck with one bottle or cup of formula per day from 12 months onwards as we thought it would give an extra boost of nutrients. The health visitor recently advised that we should in fact be giving all milk as formula and at least 500ml per day to make sure the boys have enough vitamin D. Today I just read that the government say only cows milk is necessary and a daily mail article ( Mums waste £500 a year on formula milk) suggests that this is all a big marketing con and is totally a waste of money and in fact could be giving them too much sugar and not enough nutrients. I am now thinking that we would be better off going with cows milk and a nutrient supplement if I can get my toddler to agree to take it that is.

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