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I am a total newbie to the world of the packed lunch and the kids lunch box, but after the standard and quality of the school lunches in our area seriously plummeted and even my eldest son who always willing ate them, started complaining I felt like I might have to make a change.  Then teachers started reporting to me that my younger son, who admittedly is a fussy eater, was now virtually eating nothing so I had to relent and start preparing a kids lunch box, well two actually each day.


This left me the half term to get a lunch box sorted for my younger son.  I didn’t want something that was character driven as of course preferences change.  As a child I had a fraggle rock lunch box and rather loved it, but then I remember someone else said it was babyish and that was it I refused to use it.  I will bet my mother wanted to strangle me!

So anyway I was on the hunt for a practical and easy to clean kids lunch box and fortunately the lovely peeps at PHA Kitchen Essentials came to my rescue as they very kindly sent us a PackIt lunch box to try out.  

PACKIT Lunchbox

The lunchbox that we were sent is super colourful and so likely to appeal to all kids as there are so many different colours on it.  My son loved it as soon as he saw it.  They also come in black and in more muted tones/ patterns, but I thought that this one would also help him identify his lunchbox easily.  It works perfectly for a younger child. Of course these are not just a kids lunch box and I know I would be happy to use it.

PACKIT Kids Lunch Box


It is a great size and can fit a 750ml water bottle. You can be sure that they are getting enough access to liquid during the day.  Of course you can’t make them drink it and for me that is another matter!  I include lunch, a drink and a snack and there is still space left over.  The fact that I can also fit a snack in is great for us as the boys do after school clubs.  In the summer I think I will also be able to use this for a family picnic as it really is big.



And the best bit is….

The thing that really appealed to me about this lunch box won’t really come into its element until the summer.  The lunchbox walls are gel.  It  can be put in the freezer and is its own ice pack! This means that even on the very hottest days I will be able to put in dairy items and salad veggies.  I can be confident that they will still be good by lunch time.    This makes me so much more comfortable about giving my fussy eater a packed lunch.  I will know that I can still get some nutrition in there.  He only eats cucumber or broccoli as veggies so to know I can kept the cucumber chilled until lunch time is perfect for me.  Now the gel system does mean that the lunch box is heavier than the average.  We have now been using this for a few weeks and that isn’t bothering him or me. 

The only other thing I might change about this would be a shoulder strap. They do offer other products which have a shoulder strap.  There are several different styles available so really it is about choosing which one you like. The feature that sells it is the ability to freeze the whole bag and keep your lunch cool.

I have also started meal planning for their packed lunch and I will shortly be sharing a downloadable for a 3 week packed lunch plan.



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