Low Sugar Kid Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

My kids have a super sweet tooth and would do anything to get their little mitts on a chocolate chip cookie.  I do let them have treats especially on a Friday which is treat day, but I am always on the look out for sugar alternatives.  I love recipes where the kids can have a great treat, but where I can still limit the sugar as it does create some crazy.  We have enough chaos without sugar.  With that in mind I have recently been messing around with recipes and have found a chocolate chip cookie recipe that works using stevia instead of sugar.  The best thing about this recipe is that you can cook them from frozen so I batch prepare them and freeze.  Then on a Thursday I bake a couple for each of the kids so that they can have their Friday treat without having loads of cookies handing around as temptation.  This is mostly protect me from myself and my sweet tooth!


200g unsalted butter

1/2 tsp of stevia powder

2 medium eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract

200g milk chocolate chips

300g plain flour

100g spelt flour

2 tsp baking powder

pinch of salt

This quantity should make around 24 cookies


  1. Brown the butter in a pan.  You need to leave it until it gets properly brown by melting it over a low heat.  You have to really keep an eye on it or it will burn.  There will be foam created as it browns so don’t worry about this. Once it is brown in colour and smells a bit nutty it can be poured into a bowl to cool down.  You don’t need the brown/ black bits you will see in the bottom of the pan so I use a sieve to separate these.
  2. Mix together the dry ingredients apart from the Stevia
  3. Once it has cooled, add the Stevia, the eggs and the vanilla extract to the melted butter and combine
  4. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry and mix together
  5. Once combined you will be able to roll the mixture into a sausage
  6. Cut the cookie sausage into 24 equal bits (I weigh them) and roll each one into a ball
  7. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and make sure the tray will fit into your freezer
  8. Flatten each ball into a cookie shape and place onto the tray
  9. Cover the tray with Clingfilm and freeze for an hour. Then you can remove the cookies and put them in a freezer bag as they will no longer stick together.
  10. Whenever you are ready simply bake in a preheated oven (140 degrees C or 160 for a non fan oven) for around 15 minutes

I get all of my ingredients from Amazon Fresh and find that they have a great range of healthy alternatives. If you are interested in a free 30 day trial then click here (Please note this is an affiliate link)

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7 thoughts on “Low Sugar Kid Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

    1. The best part is they cook from frozen - very handy when I have forgotten it is Friday treat day and its 2:30pm!
  2. These sound delicious not only for the kids but for us too! Thank you for considering the sugar content! definitely pinning and trying for later! #Blogcrush
    1. Let me know how you get on with the cookies. I must admit my saviour with these is that they cook from frozen so I only cook what the kids are allowed to have for that treat time. Otherwise I would eat the lot!
  3. This sounds like a good alternative. I tend to have popcorn with stevia in it. #BlogCrush
    1. That’s a good idea I will have to try that
  4. Fab recipe. my boys love treats too but i am worried they are eating too much sugar, using alternative ingredinets is a simple way to make treats a little bit healthier. next time i baKE COOKIES I WILL GIVE YOUR RECIPE A TRY XX #blogcrush

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