Morning Routine with Kids Life Hacks

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As I may have mentioned I hate the school run!  It is not so much the act of getting to school that irks me it is the whole morning routine.  I am sure that many of you have it down pat, but in our house the clock almost certainly moves faster between 8:30am and 8:45am and the children certainly move slower!!  One of the major things I hate about school mornings is getting cross with my littles before they go to school.  It is not good for me and I am sure it is not good for them either so to ease the tension I have come up with a few things that have helped our mornings to go more smoothly and in these last few weeks of the school year will hopefully help you to ease into the summer with less morning routine stress.

  • Give the children responsibility for their things – we had cupboards installed under our stairs to maximise the usability of this space, but also to ensure that everyone has their own drawer.  In this drawer they keep everything they need to leave the house;  shoes, coats, caps and school bags.  That way when I say put your shoes on there is no hunting around.  They know where to go.  It took them a few days to get used to always putting their things in their drawer, but they do it.  If you don’t have a staircase something like the IKEA Kallax system would also work or even a chest of drawers.

  • Set up breakfast the night before –  I try to get everything ready to go before I go to bed.  I used to put it all on the table the night before, but one of the twins has a nasty habit of throwing cereal around and so I get it all ready in the kitchen and only bring it through in the morning.

morning routine hacks

  • Have a visual reminder of the things you need to be prepared for that day.  I have a chalk board in the kitchen with each day and what the kids have on that day so I can quickly remind myself of whether I need to bring the PE kits in or not

morning routine

You can make any surface into a chalk board with this self adhesive chalk board paper.  I have them in my kitchen for the activity planner and for the shopping lists.

  • Once the littles come downstairs don’t let them go back upstairs again.  They will disappear and get distracted or both!
  • Dangle that carrot – if you are ready early you will be able to….  For us the best offer there is is to be allowed to go across the common on the way.  It is longer so can only happen if we are on time, but they like to look for rats!
  • Use technology to your advantage.  If your kids can’t tell the time yet and you are happy for the TV to go on in the morning (I don’t mind as we don’t have it on after school very much and it helps to prevent them from getting distracted by toys…) then put the same channel on every day and make sure the kids know which programme means they must get ready.  This basically works like a clock…
  • If you don’t end up having time to have breakfast yourself try making a smoothie the night before.   That way it is ready to go, but you can also have it on the move
  • If you have a front garden invest in a garden bike shed so that you can keep scooters and helmets outside.  This was a game changer for us as it meant they had to go outside to get on the scooters – one step closer to school.  Before that they were in the hallway and were just something else to play with instead of putting on their shoes.

  • Finally if you find that they aren’t coming to the door when you tell them you need to go then show them that you are ready.  I get my shoes on, get the girls in the buggy and go outside.  I then knock on the front door and when they come to see what the knocking is about I say I am leaving now are you coming?  Watch them move then when they think I am off without them…

Now I am not into showing an instagram perfect life (although if it were actually like some of the instaperfect lives I see then I wouldn’t complain) so I will be honest and say that this house is chaos and the morning routine is no exception.  These ideas have helped, but of course they are not the holy grail (unfortunately) and so some mornings this all goes like clockwork and I think ‘Wow, I have cracked it this time’ and then the next day it is as if I hadn’t introduced any good ideas at all.  Little people are just like us; sometimes they wake up happy and compliant and other days they wake up in a bad mood determined to be difficult.

As parents getting children ready for school and managing the morning routine I guess we just have to roll with it and see whether we get nice or demonic kids each day, but these little hacks have made a difference here so I hope they can help you too.  Let me know if you do try any of the ideas.

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41 thoughts on “Morning Routine with Kids Life Hacks

  1. Great tips here, i used to dread school mornings especially when my daughter decided she wanted a fancy new style to put her hair up x
  2. as a parent to 2 young kids i totally understand how difficult it is to get them ready in the morning. there are days which i totally struggle so these life hacks are a life saver.
  3. I am always on the look out for hacks, especially to help me or save time! Totally agree on getting as much prepared the night before as possible!
  4. I am all about getting as much ready as possible THE night Before! Our lot lay out their uniforms the NIGHT Before too.
  5. Mornings used to be such a challenge and one of the things I love about home educating is we do not have that morning pressure any longer. Always good to have hacks and this post will helps loads of people I am sure. Popping over via Bloggers on thin ice
  6. Some fab tiPs here hun i agree with dangling the carrot all the way through which is what i use he tv for lol!
  7. Im terrible at beinG super organised! Some mornings im still ironing my work Clothes! Other mornings ive made sure everythings ready. So i could really use these tips ha Ha! I love the DraweRs and chalk board! #dreamteam
    1. Oh gosh I am this same. This morning I followed by own advice and we were all ready by 7:30am but yesterday it was 8:30am and I wasn’t dressed thanks for joining the #DreamTeam
  8. Outdoor stOrage is such a good idea for bikes and scooters! We’re def going to adopt tHis! #dreamTeam x
    1. They are not cheap those sheds but I exaggerate not it has been a game changer. Thanks for joining the #DreamTeam
  9. Back again via #DreamTeam - I thank goodness or used to they made those Weetabix drinks and the belvita biscuits for breakfast on the run
    1. I thank goodness for travel coffee cups thanks for joining the #DreamTeam
  10. Yes, I get it all ready the night before. Much EASIER that way #dreamteam
  11. Having a routine is very important. #dreamteam
  12. some great tips here. I do similar things now I'm trying to get the Tubblet off to secondary school on time. I'd like to tell you it gets easier but ..!
    1. I can imagine that it’s harder - less enthusiasm more hormones! Thanks for joining the #DreamTeam
  13. great tips. i am pinning this #DreamTeam
    1. Thanks Claire
  14. Oh the dreaded school run.....and im the teachEr! That was always the worse for me; trying to get my kids to breakfast club so i could get to work to prepare for othe peoples kiDs! We have to be out the door by 7.15am so it can be a challEnge. Great tips. #dreamteam
    1. 7:15am!!!! I would literally lose my mind. We can’t manage 8:35am thanks for joining the #DreamTeam
    1. They are awesome! Yes one of my daughters loves to pour cereal everywhere but in the bowl! Thanks for linking up with the #DreamTeam
  16. Some great tips here, remember that planning isn't just for tomorrow morning - you can plan for the weekend ahead, the one after that, your holiday activities and after school too. I've a similar post for dads on how to plan, and more on useful organising tips - just like the understairs boxes!
    1. Thanks I will check it out
  17. Oh I love the CHALKBOARd! I start this life in august... #DREAMTEAM
    1. The chalkboard really does help. Thanks for joining the #DreamTeam this week
  18. these are great ideas! even something simple like getting breakfast ready the night before. I could have used that one before becoming a parent
  19. It's great being otrganised: great tips! (i don't know why my keyboard is stuck in upper case: apologies!)
  20. So many life hacks! Sometimes even though i know i'm prepared I can't help but be all around the place in the morning because of the things that needed to prepare. Thanks for the hacks, Kirsty!
  21. i love your tip about getting to the front door, then knocking on it. i might have to give it a go! that's a surefire way of getting everyone moving. the bike shed at the front of the house is genius! thanks for being a brilliant host with us on the #dreamteam xx
    1. Thanks for joining us again this week #DreamTeam
  23. Some great tips for the morning routine #dreamteam
    1. Thanks for your comment and for joining the #DreamTeam this week
  24. That breakfast prep is such a great idea. No more running around for spoons and bowls and fighting in the kitchen! #DreamTeam
    1. Its like you have a camera in my kitchen as that is exactly what was happening
  25. I'm dreading the morning school rush. I'm not keen on the early mornings being a bit of a night owl instead. #DreamTeam
    1. There is nothing that motivates an early start like the scornful face of a headmistress #DreamTeam
  26. We used to use the TV as a clock and it worked brilliantly but now they insist on their kindles. My older 2 are no problem but my youngest is such a slow eater that breakfast lasts an hour! #dreamteam
  27. We have one at school & two at nursery but luckily the nursery drop OFF is flexible - it will be a different story when they're all at school though! #DreamTeam
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