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Other People’s Children

Other People’s Children are well behaved Other People’s Children listen Other People’s Children sit nicely Other People’s Children are polite Other People’s Children are everything mine are not…. Or at least that’s how it feels on yet another day of negotiating a screaming rabble of small people to School and to playgroups via a coffee […]

travel cot review

Travel Cot Review

*** post contains affiliate links.  This means if you use one of the links to make a purchase I may receive a small fee, but this does not affect the price you pay at all. Travel Cot Review In my time of child rearing I have been the owner of several brands of travel cot […]

Entertaining kids during summer holidays

So it’s July, the summer holidays are here and the dreaded school run military operation is at an end for a while, but here’s the rub your new job is entertaining the kids during the summer holidays.  How?  We are only a few days in and I am already struggling with entertaining the kids during […]

Having Twins

Having twins is a lot like being stuck in Groundhog Day. Don’t get me wrong I love having twins and there is something very special about watching their relationship grow and blossom and see how different and yet alike they are, but having twins also doubles the work, doubles the nappies, doubles the crying and […]

Messy Play Ideas

If your kids are anything like mine they will need occupying to prevent disaster caused by boredom and one way to do this is challenge their tendency to destroy into messy play Messy play does indeed cause mess so be prepared but honestly I think having children causes mess and at some point all mothers […]

Four is the new two

I have just been for an early pregnancy scan which I was do to get initial piece of mind as I am a dreadful worrier. Today I got the great news that there was a heartbeat and then the shock of a lifetime as there were two. It’s TWINS!! My immediate reaction was to cry […]

Employing a Nanny

If you are thinking about employing a nanny there are a number of things to consider: How will you select your nanny? Will you get them Ofsted registered so you can use Childcare Vouchers? How much should you pay? What hours do you need? What are the legalities of employing a nanny? Do you need […]

Pregnant with number 3. What will it be like having 3 Children

Pregnant with number 3 Having 3 Children I wonder what it will be like having 3 children? I am pregnant again and so heading towards number 3.  This is something we actively wanted and in our situation needing to take clomid we made this decision, but now that it is here I am both excited and […]

Toddler Starting Nursery

For weeks we have been building up the excitement in our biggest toddler starting nursery; we went to buy the uniform, got the black shoes (which he was very excited about) and started attaching name labels to everything.  He was so looking forward to it and every time we walked past the school he would […]

Climbing Toddlers

Having climbing toddlers is so tough. Our first son was not a climbing toddler he was perfectly happy to keep his feet on the ground so whilst he was super lively I could take him to the playground without fears that he would any minute launch himself towards the biggest climbing frame – not so […]