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Bloggers Dream Team Linky 210

Bloggers Dream Team Linky 210 Hello and a big welcome to this week’s Dream Team linky party. It’s great to see you all and sorry that I was absent last week.  We went camping in my parents back garden.  It sounds silly, but it was like a mini holiday.  This weekend we are back to our lockdown […]

Science at home for science week for kids

Science at Home with a science week for kids

As I write this we are in what feels like week 3000 of home schooling, home learning, crisis schooling or whatever else you want to call it…  To say that motivation is beginning to dip is a huge understatement…  If you are feeling the same or if you just fancy trying out something different and […]

11 ways to have fun at home

11 Fun Family Lockdown Activities

Fun Family Lockdown Activities  – Are they still needed? Lockdown may be easing slightly in the UK, but it is certainly not all back to normal and I for one have been running out of ways to entertain these kids that doesn’t really involve going anywhere.   There are only so many times we can go […]

10 ways to maintain kids lockdown friendships

ADVERT; This post includes gifted items from #KindiKids and affiliate links There are many things about lockdown that could be hard for kids to deal with; being out of routine, not being with their friends and having to suddenly learn at home with mummy or daddy as the teacher!  I have found my own children […]

reasons why we are not sending reception children back to school

Why I am not sending my reception children back to school – yet!

I am not sure if I have had to make a tougher decision as a parent than whether to send my reception children back to school when they (possibly) reopen on the 1st June.  Corona virus has changed so very much for all of us and for those of us who are parents perhaps the […]

kids lockdown birthday

13 Awesome Kids Lockdown Birthday Ideas to make it special

Having a kids birthday during lockdown is not ideal.  There is no two ways about it.  There won’t be a birthday party and if you had one booked you will have to cancel it and possibly not get your money back which is what has happened to us; so thanks to that company!  There also […]

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DreamTeam Linky Week 202

Hello and welcome to this week’s DreamTeam Linky.  Thanks for coming to join us this week.  I hope that you are all staying safe and healthy and at home and managing to stay positive during this tricky time. I have been trying to think about being safe at home rather than being stuck at home […]

anxiety quotes for overcoming anxiety

Overcoming Anxiety; 23 anxiety quotes to help when things get tough

Overcoming Anxiety;  Anxiety Quotes to help you ease your mind Anxiety has been stealing my time since I was a child; the hours and hours I have wasted worrying and stressing about what might happen are countless.  Before the internet (I know I am old!) there was no real way of accessing inspirational or motivational […]

ease corona virus anxiety

11 Tips to help ease your Corona Virus Anxiety

I have always been anxious about all kinds of things, but after my daughter was sick after birth this really became a problem.  It was no longer something I could control or talk myself out of.  In the past couple of weeks my anxiety has once again gotten out of control.  I know I am […]

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DreamTeam Linky for Bloggers Week 197

Hi and welcome to the DreamTeam Linky.  It has been such a surreal week and I only hope that you are all keeping well and finding peace with the new normal that we are all experiencing.  It has been a lot for everyone to deal with and so I thank you even more than usual […]