Organising your Baby’s Christening or Naming Day

Top Tips for organising your baby’s Christening or Naming Day 

A Christening or naming ceremony is a special way of celebrating your child, making lifelong promises to them, and introducing him or her to your close friends and family. While religious christenings are less common these days, secular naming ceremonies are on the rise with hundreds each year in the UK, the BBC reports.

Organising the ceremony can seem a daunting feet with multiple aspects to juggle, but it’s totally manageable with advance planning and preparation. Here are some tips to help your ceremony go as smoothly as possible.

Planning a christening

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The ceremony

The service should be roughly half an hour long. If it’s religious, your vicar or priest will lead the proceedings; all you need to do is remember what you want to say. After the introduction and reading, your baby’s name will be announced. The parents and godparents will then make their promises to support the baby throughout his or her life. You could recite a poem or a reading which encapsulates the love you have for your child. The ceremony will then end with some closing words. If you’re having your own service, make sure your guests arrive at least fifteen minutes early; you want it to be on-time so as not to overrun onto following events.

Your baby’s outfit

A christening gown is the traditional dress for a baby’s christening. They’re usually custom-made, but some families use the same one handed down through generations. It’s also traditional to have the gown made from the mother’s wedding dress by a specialist. If you’re buying a new one, leave it close to the date, so your baby doesn’t have a chance to outgrow it. You may also want to buy matching accessories, such as, a bonnet, bib, headband, and wristband.

Party planning

If the post-christening party is going to be a big event, send out formal invitations to the guests detailing the date, time, and location. Ask guests to RSVP so you can plan for numbers. Choose a location that’s child-friendly: perhaps your home or a family member’s home. Plan suitable entertainment, such as, a bouncy castle, face painting, a magician, or balloon modelling. Games and events requiring minimal adult input are ideal. Adults will be happy with food, drink, and conversation. Teens in attendance may prefer watching a movie, so set that up for them.

The menu 

Plan a menu both children and adults will enjoy. A buffet-style table is cost-effective and easy to prepare. Think fresh veggies with hummus, mini quiches, egg salad finger sandwiches, and cheesy mushroom and rosemary crostini. As for sweets, choose fun items to suit the occasion, such as, cake pops, macaroons, mini cupcakes, and jars of sweets and marshmallow sticks. Finish off the menu with a christening cake complete with decorative topper to mark the special occasion. If serving alcohol, be mindful of how many adults and drivers there’ll be.

Lastly, your baby’s christening is an occasion you’ll cherish for life. So, consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the event. You, your family, and your child will enjoy having a beautiful album of photos to look back on for years to come.

Thanks to Jacqueline Smedley for this guest post

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