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This is the tale of a tired daddy, a frazzled mummy and their 4 crazy, but lovely littles. We share our chaos and all we have learnt along the way whilst navigating parenting/

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The Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Feud Seems to Be Over

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Valentines day craft for kids

Valentines Day Craft Ideas for Kids

Valentines Day Craft Ideas to make with kids We have been busy preparing for Valentines Day with crafts galore.  These Valentines Craft Ideas for kids are suitable for doing with your preschoolers and make a great fun way to spend a chilly or rainy afternoon.  In this post I will explain how to make a […]

4 kids

A day in the life of being mummy to 4 kids

A day in the life of being mummy to 4 kids Life is busy when you have kids and when you have four it is chaos.  Sometimes my husband comes home and asks did you do this that or the other admin type task and I want to strangle him but yet a I reply […]

Butternut Squash Lasagna – Feeding Kids

Butternut Squash Lasagna Feeding Kids – Recipe Ideas This Buttnernut Squash Lasagna is not only great for feeding kids as it contains loads of vegetables but is also low carb so great for a mum and dad trying to lose a few pounds.  It’s also fairly easy and once prepped is just a shove in […]

Pasta with sausage meatballs – Feeding kids

Pasta with Sausage Meatballs Feeding Kids This recipe for pasta with sausage meatballs is really easy and quick to throw together (once you have batched cooked Hidden veg tomato sauce). It is great for feeding kids and their parents as it is healthy but they will never know. Boil a saucepan of water Add dried pasta […]

Not the Mummy I planned to be 

When trying for a long time to conceive our first child, seeing doctors, having invasive tests and being told nothing was wrong only to still not conceive I had a vision of how perfect it would be and I would be if I ever got my baby.  Now I have 4 and I am not […]

double buggy user

Lament of a Double Buggy User

An open letter from a Double Buggy User To my fellow humans I confess I am a double buggy user and this is an open letter to you all to apologise for the amount of space it takes up.  This is the lament of a double buggy user and a plea to you, my fellow […]

Easy Octopus Pasta Recipe with Hidden Vegetables

If you are having trouble getting your little one to eat some of the big hitter vegetables like kale or any vegetables for that matter this fun Octopus pasta recipe has a Hidden Vegetable sauce so is super kid friendly.  It has certainly got my four fooled! I make my sauce in large batches in […]

Play Dough Recipe 

It’s snowing and too cold for our usual outings so grab a bowl and get mixing.  A homemade play dough recipe can keep them entertained for ages.   We have shop bought play dough and that is useful too but the added fun of adding the ingredients and mixing (without this resulting in biscuits that […]