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This is the tale of a tired daddy, a frazzled mummy and their 4 crazy, but lovely littles. We share our chaos and all we have learnt along the way whilst navigating parenting/

#DreamTeam Linky

#DreamTeam Linky 183

Welcome to the #DreamTeam linky to all of you lovely peeps and an especially big welcome to the lovely Laura who is joining us as host of the  #DreamTeam So your hosts are Laura from Musings of a Tired Mum me and Annette from 3 Little Buttons Everything else about the linky stays the same […]

First Time Mom Quotes

23 Positive First Time Mom Quotes

Positive First Time Mom Quotes Being a first-time mum is amazing, but it is a shock to the system for certain!  There are so many different aspects to think about and all of a sudden you are responsible for another human. It can be overwhelming and there is just so much to learn and think […]

#DreamTeam Linky

#DreamTeam Bloggers Linky 182

Welcome to the #DreamTeam linky.  Now before we get started we have some good news and some bad news….  The  good news is that Heather from Shank You Very Much is writing another book.  The bad news is that this means she will no longer be able to host with Annette from 3 Little Buttons […]

Beat That! A Fun Family Board Game

Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges This Beat That! review contains affiliate links When I was a kid we would often spend Sunday afternoon playing family board games.  It was in the dark ages when kids TV wasn’t on 24/7 and is one of my fondest memories.  I still love a board game […]

Quick and easy oat cookies

Quick and Easy Oat and Raisin Cookies

Oat and Raisin Cookies Recipe I do love a bit of baking especially when it also has a bit of goodness.  These quick and easy oat and raisin cookies are just delicious and take less than 30 mins to make.  Not only are they super easy, but they also contain fibre, protein and vitamin B […]

Morning Routine Checklist Printable

Easy Morning Routine Checklist for Kids

Morning Routine Checklist for kids Every week day I get 4 kids up (well actually they wake at the crack of dawn, but that is another tale of woe!) and ready for school.  People with fewer children often ask me how I do it and I reply honestly – ‘badly!!’  I am nothing if not […]

#DreamTeam Linky

DreamTeam Bloggers Linky 181

Hi all and welcome to the #DreamTeam linky from a very chilly London.  I know all your fab posts are going to keep me occupied whilst I stay inside as much as possible away from the freezing fog.   Your hosts this week are Heather from Shank You Very Much me and Annette from 3 […]

Raising Strong Daughters

Raising Strong Daughters – things they should know

2018 marked 100 years of suffrage and it got me thinking about the responsibilities that we have when raising girls.  Raising girls is a fairly new challenge for us as they are only toddlers, but there are certain things that I want to make sure as women they know and understand.  I want to make […]

kids school life items

Settling into school life after the first half term

As you know my little girls started school this September and so have just finished their first half term as school girls.  The time has gone so fast that I actually can’t even believe that I am saying that, but here we are…  So I thought I would update you all on how we are […]

#DreamTeam Linky

#DreamTeam Linky 180

Hi all and welcome to the #DreamTeam linky.  We are thrilled that you stopped by this week.  It has been a funny old week here since I last saw you as I have spent much of covered in paint as we have started a big home improvement project.  I was grateful for the excuse to […]