Staying Calm whilst Potty Training

Staying calm whilst potty training is so difficult.  I have received the message loud and clear that I mustn’t get annoyed when he has accidents and that the focus has to be on encouraging the good behaviour and not punishing the bad.  I know that an accident isn’t bad behaviour, but honestly sometimes my little one is doing it on purpose.  If he is annoyed about being told not to do something (usually something dangerous that he thinks is fun!) he often rewards me with a wee wee in the pants.  Its tough in these situations not to be cross with him and yet I know that I have to try.

My biggest test with this came this morning when, whilst I was getting his brother dressed, he took off his night time nappy and took himself into the bathroom.  He said he was looking in the treasure chest which is a new bathroom toy box that they have for their bath toys.  It has really captured their imagination and so I was happy for him to have a look and a play with it whilst I got his brother ready, but then disaster….  I heard a little voice say ‘mummy I need to get in the shower.  I need to be hosed down’  This is never good coming from a toddler and I was envisaging a bathroom covered in shampoo or something, but oh no it was way worse…  I walked into the bathroom to see his potty on top of his ‘treasure chest’, poo all over the floor, pj bottoms covered in poo and a little poo in the same state.  I was dumbfounded and simply said ‘what happened?’  He grinned broadly and said ‘I tried to do my poo on top of my treasure chest, but I didn’t make it’.  He was just so proud of himself that he had tried.  This is the first time he has tried to do a poo in his potty so even as I looked at the disaster zone in front of me I was also pretty proud.  I realised then how important it was that I just got on with cleaning up and told him how great he had done trying to make it to the potty.  Despite there being a big old mess I realised that this was an actual step forward.  Its not the first time as a mummy that I have felt a step back was actually a step forward.  Its a confusing topsy turvy world this mummyhood!! I finally saw the real value of staying calm when potty training as I honestly believe that now he will try again and he will achieve it next time.  I won’t lie to you though as I was gagging whilst picking up a great big poo from the middle of the floor it was still tricky not to be irritated that this was the first thing I had to do today, but I kept that big smile on my face and reassured him that he was really clever to have tried.  I deserve an Oscar for my performance.  Who knew that a mother needed to be an accomplished actress too?  Just another task for us mummies 🙂


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