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world book day toddler craft

World Book Day Craft for Toddlers

In our house we have two boys at school and two toddlers at home.  With World Book Day coming up there has been much excitement about what character they wanted to be especially as it is the first time their school has done it.  This excitement has not been lost on the toddlers, but they […]

Toddler Independence is a pain

Toddler independence is a pain at the best of times. Their desire to ‘do it myself’ always means taking sooooo much time.  However, when you are trying to get four kids ready and out of the house by 8:40am it is just a catastrophe (as they say on Furchester Hotel – cbeebies is always in my […]

4 kids

A day in the life of being mummy to 4 kids

A day in the life of being mummy to 4 kids Life is busy when you have kids and when you have four it is chaos.  Sometimes my husband comes home and asks did you do this that or the other admin type task and I want to strangle him but yet a I reply […]