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Our biggest boy!

Lovely readers if you are rather sick of me gushing about the littles on their birthday I do apologize, but it is only once a year – it just seems more as they are altogether… I promise not to gush for sometime after this one and to go back to my slightly irritated self. So […]

Birthday Season

In some parts of the world there is parade season or mardi gras season; a time of seemingly endless celebrations and in the lead up to it lots of very busy people trying to get too much done in too short a time.  Here at Navigating Baby we have our own silly season…  April and […]

birthday poem

A Happy Birthday Ode to the Twins

A happy birthday poem for my beautiful, smart and funny little girls as they turn 3… When they said it was twins my heart skipped a beat 4 under 4; how would I manage that feat? Our little family to double… Oh Lord!  We were in trouble!! But, manage we did and now here we […]


Happy Birthday to our little boy

This time 5 years ago I was sat in a hospital nervously preparing to meet our number two and preparing to go from doting mummy of one to the unknown – mummy of two.  Yes it’s birthday time for one of our littles and this weekend marks the start of crazy birthday season in our […]