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Last Day Nursery

The Beginning and the End – Last Day at Nursery

A story always begins at the beginning and ends at the end doesn’t it?  Well right now it seems not!  It feels like we are both at the beginning and the end of a story as my girls have their last day at nursery and prepare to start school.   If I am honest I have […]

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One day they will be grown…

Recently I completed my first 10km race something that less than two years ago I could never have fathomed doing in a million years and I did it in a very respectable time of 1:02 (since it was 30 degrees I was thrilled just to be able to do it!), but in the midst of […]

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The change continues – a parenting fact

I am not a person who loves change.  As a child my mother says I would freak out at the start of every new school year as I would have a new teacher.  As I grew up I found it easier to tolerate as most people do and in my professional life the workplace was […]

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New Year New Me?

New Year New Me? Not here! I think it’s more same shit different day… 2017 was a big year of change for me. This was largely born out of necessity as I was literally losing my mind in 2016 and something had to change. So last year I had to take time for myself and […]

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