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Women Making Work Work

CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS   This weeks focus of the Women Making Work Work series is Keelie who is telling us about her solution to making work work for her is to work non traditional hours. Keelie is also keeps a daily blog over on instagram @Keelie90 so why not give her a follow. Keelie also writes a […]

Women Making Work Work – Gemma’s Story

This weeks Women making Work Work features Gemma who has been able to make job sharing work and tells us all about her experience here.  Gemma describes herself as a tea-drinking, chocolate biscuit obsessed accountant, blogger and mum of two.  Grab a cuppa and have a read of the business, career and blogging tips she shares […]

women making work work

Women Making Work Work – Becca’s Story

This week’s Women Making Work Work series features Becca who is a fellow twin mummy.   Thanks to Becca for taking part and telling us all about how she created a flexible working plan that works for her and her family after having her twins.  You can find Becca on social media or at her blog: […]

Women Making Work Work – Andrea’s Story

This week we are keeping it in the family as I am writing about my sister Andrea who is making work work for her, by turning her creativity into a thriving business whilst still working part time as Cabin Crew.  Find out here why she decided to change the way she worked and set up […]

women making work work

Women Making Work Work – Hayley’s Story

  This week’s post on our Women Making Work; Work series is about Hayley who writes Winging it with Two Boys and runs an online business.  Read all about how and why she changed careers to make work work for her.  Thank you for taking part Hayley. Instagram: Facebook: Tell me a little […]


Women Making Work Work; Bronwen’s Story and Beauty Giveaway

Our next featured woman on the Women Making Work Work Series is Bronwen Gray who has found a combination of freelancing and running a network marketing business to be her way of making flexible work work for her family.  You can connect with Bronwen on social media here:                 […]

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Women Making Work Work – My Story

The Women making work work series celebrates flexible working and women finding ways to, maybe not have it all, but have what they want.  This first week is going to be about me. Regular readers will know that I have four children and there is less than four years between the eldest and the youngest.  […]

women making work work

Women Making Work Work Series

  Welcome to my new blog series Women Making Work Work.  This series will look at a different women who has taken a perhaps alternative route to work.  They might have a traditional 9-5, but also be rocking a sideline passion project or be a mother with several different roles on the go in order […]

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Navigating Returning to Work

Navigating returning to work as a mummy of two has been just as it sounds a journey.  I wrote previously about the decision of whether to return to work or not and since then my husband and I have looked at loads of options.  We realised pretty quickly that for us it would not work […]

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Return to Work Yes or No?

After I had my first child I really didn’t want to return to work.  I loved my maternity leave and apart from enjoying spending time with my little boy I just found it so liberating to be able to do what I wanted when I wanted.  It was of course all determined by the whims […]