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Parenting a Tween Boy

Parenting a Tween Boy – my top tips! Parenting a tween boy is the latest parenting adventure that we are navigating and this one should totally have come with some cliffs notes as it is a tricky business!  So I thought I would share what I have learnt about parenting a tween boy through both […]

swimming with babies and toddlers

Top Tips for starting Baby Swimming Lessons

THE ULTIMATE TOP TIPS YOU NEED WHEN STARTING BABY SWIMMING LESSONS Swimming with babies and toddlers is amazing and a fabulous way to bond with your baby, but if you are not confident in water it can be daunting.  I used to teach baby swimming lessons before having my twins and four kids under four […]

How to Avoid Hours of Cleaning Up After Your Kids

After you become a parent strange things happen: you start seeing your kids as the centre of your universe, you worry about them more than you ever thought possible, and you end up cleaning up after them for what feels like 25 hours a day. Successful people have a saying: “work smarter, not harder”, and […]

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14 things you need to know about potty training

If you are of a sensitive disposition I warn you this post contains talk of bodily functions!   I have just started potty training number 4 and despite the fact that I have just had to pick up a massive poo from my back garden I remain hopeful that this will be the end of […]

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The only parenting tip you will ever need!

OK I have cracked it! I have got the only parenting tip you will ever need!  If you have this in your parenting arsenal you are all set.  Your sanity can be saved so what is this amazing parenting tip?  Drum roll please…………………………………. What?  I hear you cry…  I am serious excuses are your best […]