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Women Making Work Work

CONTAINS AFFILIATE LINKS This weeks focus of the Women Making Work Work series is Keelie who is telling us about her solution to making work work for her is to work non traditional hours. Keelie is also keeps a daily blog over on instagram @Keelie90 so why not give her a follow. Keelie also writes a blog […]

women making work work

Women Making Work Work – Hayley’s Story

This week’s post on our Women Making Work; Work series is about Hayley who writes Winging it with Two Boys and runs an online business.  Read all about how and why she changed careers to make work work for her.  Thank you for taking part Hayley. Instagram: Facebook: Tell me a little about […]

women making work work

Women Making Work Work – My Story

The Women making work work series celebrates flexible working and women finding ways to, maybe not have it all, but have what they want.  This first week is going to be about me. Regular readers will know that I have four children and there is less than four years between the eldest and the youngest.  […]