Weekend Away

So it’s 8am I’m wide awake and the day has started normal for a mum of two you might think, but I am on a girls weekend away in Barcelona and I could have had a lie in – annoying!
I didn’t think I would ever be able to go away and leave my boys at home, but when my sister suggested going away for a couple of nights with the two sisters we have been friends with for almost all our lives (35 year friendships – good effort!) how could I not go?
Leaving the boys yesterday was desperate. Giving number one a cuddle goodbye and having him say I will miss you mummy, but I love you and I’ll be here when you get home waiting for you nearly made me put my case down and abandon the whole idea, but I knew a) that I wanted to go, b) they were in very good hands with my parents and their daddy and c) I had to start sometimes doing something for me (it has been 3 years now). It was in some way easier to say goodbye to the little one as he has no real concept of time so just happily blew me a kiss, waved and then pushed me away to get back to his cereal ; never get between that boy and his food, he does not appreciate it!
So it came to pass that I am sat here now in the early morning sunshine looking at La Sagrada Familia, reflecting on how much I laughed yesterday and the yummy tapas we ate and I’m thinking how it was worth that pain leaving them. I facetimed them last night and they are totally happy and fine. They had a great time with Grandma yesterday and I have organised more fun and games for them over the next two days so they will be exhausted and happy each day and probably won’t have time to miss me.
Do I miss them? I hear you ask cyber space… Yes I do and it’s so odd not hearing them or being woken by them, but it’s lovely too. I honestly have not laughed this much for so long it is refreshing. I do laugh everyday when I’m with the boys but it’s so refreshing to have time to chat without a little person tugging at your ankles wanting potty or telling you a toy had been commandeered.
So now the question is what to do with all this freedom? There will no doubt be sightseeing, eating, chatting, shopping, drinking and drinking (did I already say that?!) but for now I shall drink my cup of tea, look at the view and take that time just for me. Silence what utter bliss!!

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