One day of chaos at a time

How to Avoid Hours of Cleaning Up After Your Kids

After you become a parent strange things happen: you start seeing your kids as the centre of your universe, you worry about them more than you ever thought possible, and you end up cleaning up after them for what feels like 25 hours a day. Successful people have a saying: “work smarter, not harder”, and […]

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One of those days

Do you ever have one of those days where your brain turns to mush?  A day where nothing really seems to go right and your brain just doesn’t seem to be working the way it usually does? Well I do!! Today was one of them. I just couldn’t think straight and I kept making silly […]

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Bloggers #DreamTeam Linky 124

Well hello there!  Welcome to this week’s #DreamTeam linky with me, Heather from Shank You Very Much and Annette from 3littlebuttons  as your hosts. This week you find a very relaxed me as I just had a little holiday without the kids.  I would recommend this to anyone as a great way of resetting.  It was lovely and now […]

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A Mummy Holiday – leaving the kids

Firstly my lovely readers I need to apologize for being rather missing in action last week, but I was on a mummy holiday.  I went away to Mykonos for 5 days for my sister’s birthday without the kids.  Leaving the kids was a super big deal for me and I wasn’t sure that I could […]

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Bloggers #DreamTeam Linky 123

Hi and welcome to this week’s #DreamTeam bloggers linky with me, Heather from Shank You Very Much and Annette from 3littlebuttons  as your hosts. This week the kids went back to school.  How are you all getting on with that school run?  We have already been late and it is quite literally a run.      This week is […]

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Nature Exploring with Anthisan: Mini Beast Adventure

  My sons love a mini beast adventure and can regularly be found digging up my flower beds in their quest to find a new bug.  He has also got his 3 year old sisters into hunting for beasts and nature exploring so they spent hours on holiday inspecting ‘french’ bugs.  I too had many […]

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reading with toddlers

My top 5 books to read with toddlers

I love to read and have gotten so much joy from books over the years.  Some of my fondest memories are of my dad enthusiastically playing all members of the Famous Five as he read to us at night. I wanted to instill the same love in my children so that they too could love […]

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Bloggers #DreamTeam Linky 122

Hello and welcome to this week’s #DreamTeam bloggers linky.  Now you may not have expected to see me here again, but surprise!!!!  I am thrilled to announce that I am officially joining the #DreamTeam with Heather from Shank You Very Much and Annette from 3littlebuttons as a full time host.  I was delighted to be asked and am looking forward […]

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fussy eater

Handling my Fussy Eaters

My children are fussy eaters…  phew I said it!  I am fairly sure that admission is the first step to recovery and I need to get this recovery sorted out as I have been rather hiding from this issue that has been getting worse recently.  I mean they are not extremely fussy and will eat […]

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Bloggers #DreamTeam Linky 121

Hello hello and welcome to this week’s #DreamTeam bloggers linky with regular hosts; Heather from Shank You Very Much and Annette from 3littlebuttons  and me as your guest host.  I am really looking forward to reading all your posts this week so get linking. For most of us in the UK this is the last week of the summer […]

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