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Ten Facts About Me! #blogtober18 Day 20

So it’s Day 20 (I am late for day 19 so will have to catch that up) and it is time for ten facts about me. I will try to make them interesting but that’s a struggle as I am really rather ordinary. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I am very happy […]

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5 reasons to include your kids in holiday planning: GUEST POST

I’m a planner. I plan weekends and birthdays. I love to plan girls’ nights out and coffee catch ups and play dates. If I’m feeling organised I plan content for my blog and what I’m going to put on social media (ok well sometimes I plan that stuff). But one thing I have always loved […]

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Choc Chick Raw Chocolate Treats #Blogtober18 Day 17

It is #chocolateweek and I am all in.  Any excuse right!  Luckily Choc Chick Raw Chocolates have just launched two new products;  Plantain Bites and Quinoa Pops and they sent me some to try.   There is nothing I enjoy more than chocolate arriving in the post so I was more than happy to give them […]

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healthy banana muffins

Healthy Banana Muffins #Blogtober18 Day 16

This recipe for Health Banana Muffins is being shared as part of #blogtober18 and is my Day 16 contribution.   I have also made a you tube video of me making these so you can see just how quick and easy it really is.  Check it out here:   Making Banana Muffins in under 10 minutes 12 […]

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Baby Loss Awareness Week #BLAW2018 #Blogtober18 Day 15

As many of you lovely readers will know I have been joining in with #Blogtober18 and today’s theme is the ones who couldn’t stay to mark the start of baby loss awareness week.  I wasn’t sure whether to join in today as I have no personal experience of baby loss.  Of course I have friends […]

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DreamTeam Linky Party badge

Bloggers #DreamTeam Linky 128

Hi!  How are we all this week?  Welcome to the #DreamTeam linky with me, Heather from Shank You Very Much and Annette from 3littlebuttons as your hosts. This past week has been a tricky one in the Navigating Baby household and we are very much looking forward to the upcoming half term.  I don’t know who is more exhausted the kids […]

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Day 14 #blogtober18 Never doing that again!

On a day where the rain is pouring and I am feeling a tad hungover after a ball last night my never doing that again could easily just be staying up late and drinking. However, that would just be codswallop as we all know that I love a good night out and so despite it […]

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Day 13 #Blogtober18 Movies you have watched a thousand times

If my life were still my own this list of movies I have watched a thousand times would no doubt give away my age… It would be full of the brat pack (if you don’t know who they are you are still young – lucky you!). It would just be classics (my opinion!) like Breakfast […]

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Day 12 #Blogtober18 Loving these right now

So far this has been a very positive month.  The kids are behaving themselves, the first parents meetings of the year have gone off without a hitch (i.e. no bad behaviour reports) and the girls have started nursery as happy as can be so there are lots of smiley faces around these parts.  Today’s #blogtober18 […]

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kick ass girls

#Blogtober18 Day 11 Kick Ass Girls

For #internationaldayofthegirl the theme is kick ass girls you love and I can’t think of any more kick ass girls than my 3 year old twins.  Now clearly I am extremely biased.  I mean what mother doesn’t think that their girls are kick ass, but still… Since the day they were born these girls have […]

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