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Navigating Baby is all about the ups and downs of parenting and a place that you will find:

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We don't hide from the fact that parenting is difficult.

We share the honest truth about raising children;  the good, the tricky and the funny

Baby - Tween Top Tips

We are over 11 years into this parenting journey and we have learnt lots about what works and what doesn't! We are sharing it all with you here



I'm Kirsty

and I am the main writer, editor and designer of Navigating Baby. I am also the mother of four children; two boys and twin girls

When I started Navigating Baby there weren't many other sites where you could find out what parenting was really like and there certainly weren't many (if any) that said it is ok to feel like 'you' has been stolen. Becoming a mummy is something I wanted for such a long time that it came as a shock to me that it wasn't always the perfect experience I had created in my head. I felt lonely sometimes as a new mum and I definitely felt like 'Kirsty' got lost in the midst of becoming mummy.

So I started Navigating Baby to rediscover me and to pass on the benefit of my experience as a mother and my understanding of what that means for you as an individual to other mummies just like me.

Motherhood and navigating baby is an amazing ride that I feel very lucky to be on, but it is hard and so this site is all about making it easier for you.


Navigating Motherhood

We are all about empowering other women and sharing the truth about motherhood.

Sure it is amazing and raising a child (or four) is an extraordinary experience, but it can be hard and we are all learning as we go so here at Navigating Baby we want you to know we struggle sometimes too.

Click below to read all of our top tips for raising kids and experience the highs and lows with us

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Navigating Raising Twins

Find out about what it is like to raise twins.  

How can you feed two babies at the same time?

How do you get them to sleep through the night?

What is a twin relationship like?

Navigating Feeding a Family

Planning family meals and coming up with new ideas constantly is a mission!!

One that is not made any easier if you have a fussy eater, like I do, so in this section I am sharing all the recipes I use that work with even the fussiest of eaters in my household.

My favourite feeding a family recipes always involve hiding vegetables as it is just so satisfying when you know that your littles have eaten well.

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8 year old boy hormones

8 Year Old Boy Hormones

Find out what to expect from your growing son...  

Hormones start raging even before they hit the teenage years and 8 years old can start to be challenging

kids lockdown birthday

Socially Distant/ Lockdown Birthdays

We may no longer be in lockdown, but if there is one thing I have learnt during lockdown it is that kids don't need all of these huge birthday parties that we throw.  My kids have all preferred their lockdown birthdays actually so this post shares some great ideas for small scale and at home birthdays

Raising Strong Daughters

Raising Strong Daughters 

Raising children in today's world is complicated and there is no right or wrong way.  These are the values I want to instil in my girls and the things that I need them to know.

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Get your free scavenger hunt printable templates to use with your kids.

Great fun for all seasons

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