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This is the tale of a tired daddy, a frazzled mummy and their 4 crazy, but lovely littles. We share our chaos and all we have learnt along the way whilst navigating parenting/

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DreamTeam Linky Week 223

It is DreamTeam Linky Time Hello and welcome to the DreamTeam Linky.  I hope that whatever stage of lockdown you are currently in you are managing to stay positive and find some happiness.  It is all so daunting a lot of the time at the moment that it is hard to know whether you are […]

How to make halloween fun at home

Is Halloween cancelled this year?  I have heard this question a lot recently and I suspect lots of the things we are used to like Trick or Treat or big local celebrations are not going to happen, but it doesn’t mean Halloween is cancelled.  We can still make Halloween fun at home.  It might even […]

Being a family blogger

6 Things to know about being a Family Blogger or Influencer

This  is a bit of a different post for me.  Usually I am writing about my experiences as a mum, but today I thought I would tell you a bit more about being a family blogger and what my growth and journey in this ever growing profession has been.  I will let you know what […]

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The DreamTeam Linky Week 222

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outdoor to-do list

Outdoor To-Do List for This Fall

Outdoor To-Do List for This Fall There is still warmth in the air, the colours are beautiful and on a sunny day there really is nothing better than getting outside –  but not for long! Before the snowy, frigid days of winter hit, take the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the best that fall […]

why you need a family budget

Family Budgeting – why you need a family budget

Family Budgeting This year has been financially tricky for many and even if it hasn’t impacted your family I will bet that you have been thinking more about the what ifs?  What if you couldn’t work for a while?  What if you were made redundant or furloughed?   One way that you can help prepare for […]

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DreamTeam Week 221

Welcome to the DreamTeam linky and thanks for joining us.  If you haven’t visited us before then all the details you need are below and to those who have then welcome back and you know the drill. Parenting has been extra tough this year with kids at home for so long and loads of their […]

scandi style nursery

Scandi Nursery Furniture from Mokee

Scandi Nursery Furniture from Mokee – Review Scandi Nursery furniture is something I  didn’t even know that this was a thing when my children were babies, but I recently had the chance to work with Mokee and was gifted some scandi nursery furniture which I used to transform my twins room.  Now 6 months after […]

Inspirational parenting quotes for hard days

27 Inspirational Parenting Quotes for Hard Times

INSPIRATIONAL PARENTING QUOTES FOR HARD TIMES Motherhood can be the toughest job in the world.  We all know it is rewarding too and that we wouldn’t change having our kids for anything, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t lonely and difficult sometimes.  It can be very demanding and draining.  So how do you handle […]

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DreamTeam Linky Week 220

Welcome to the DreamTeam linky and thanks for joining to us.  Its raining its pouring…. Autumn has arrived in the UK with a big downpour that is forecast for 5 days – yuk!  So this week I am sharing a recipe for a super quick and delicious Chicken Soup that will cheer you right up. […]