St Patrick’s Day Craft Idea – Toddler Friendly

For this week’s crafts we are channeling my Irish half and going St Patrick’s Day themed.  This St Patrick’s Day craft idea does need a bit of pre preparation; cutting out the necessary shapes before hand, but once this is done it is very simple to do this with your toddler.  You could cut out as you go, but I find that my preschoolers just get bored with the waiting and so the fun starts to evaporate.  Once you have the bits cut out this really is a perfect St Patrick’s Day craft for toddlers as it is quick and easy. There is glue involved so could be a bit messy, but if you got sticky backed foam instead for the various body parts and used tape for the arms and legs you could a total no mess version.

What you will need:

For this craft activity you will need green card, black card (you will only need a quarter of an A4 sheet of black and maybe half of green), scissors, a pencil, an A4 sheet of white paper, glue and some stick on eyes.

Things you need

 The How:

  • Draw the shape of a shamrock onto your green card.  The easiest way to do this is to draw three intersecting hearts, but you could go free hand
  • Cut out the shamrock shape.  This should use up most of a 1/4 of a piece of A4 card (just to give an idea of the size) 
  • Still with the green card draw two smaller shamrocks for the hands and cut these out.  I found this bit fiddly and mine were far from perfect. As you can see from the pictures. I was preparing this for a playgroup I had to do around 40 hands and it was slightly labourious!
  • Take the black card and draw the shape of two little boots.  Cut these out and set aside 
  • Cut four long strips from the shorter side of the A4 sheetSt Patricks Day Craft
  • Concertina them so that they look like this when unfoldedSt Patricks Day Craft
  •  Let your toddler assemble them using the glue and finally draw on a big smile.

These are great as decorations as when hung up their legs and arms bounce.  My kids like to blue tack them onto the windows, but you could also attach a magnet onto the back and put them on the fridge like with the Easy Fridge Magnet Craft for Toddlers or even get some of these self adhesive badge pins and turn the shamrock men into their St Patrick’s Day badge.

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