Valentines Craft Ideas for Kids

We have been busy preparing for Valentines Day with crafts galore.  These are suitable for doing with preschoolers and make a great fun way to spend a chilly or rainy afternoon.

valentines day crafts

3D Valentines Cards

We used white card stock, 1 piece of black card (red might be better but we were all out), glitter card, pva glue, red and silver glitter

  1. Take a blank card
  2. Cut out a large heart from your plain card
  3. Fold heart shape in half and put glue on the line
  4. Stick the heart onto the card ensuring the sides remain standing up away from the card base
  5. Put glue onto the heart and then cover with red and silver glitter – let the kids go wild!!
  6. Cut smaller hearts out of the glitter card and repeat glue process to create the 3D effect. We did 3 hearts but you could do more or less
  7. Leave to dry

Tissue Paper Flowers

  1. You will need a pipe cleaner, a small Pom Pom, tissue paper and scissors
  2. Take a square of tissue paper fold it in half and cut out semi circles so when you open it you would have circles
  3. Cut a small v into the fold
  4. Wrap the top of the pipe cleaner around the Pom Pom to secure it 
  5. Thread the tissue paper onto the pipe cleaner and squeeze each one at the base to give texture.  
  6. You can then tie them together into a bunch and give to grandma or mummy 
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