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I am Kirsty, the creator, editor and main writer of Navigating Baby. I am the proud mummy to two little boys and twin girls. It is now 11 years since I became 'mummy'. Sometimes I have navigated my way through the world of mummyhood easily and other things I have found really hard.  

Either way I have built up years of knowledge and skill about parenting boys and girls, raising twins and managing family life as well as parenting a child with autism and speech and language difficulties.

There have been so many times when I have needed to look for advice on the internet and have often found it impossible to find information written by someone actually in my situation. Sometimes I just wanted to hear that someone else had not been able to get their baby to stop crying, potty train, sleep through the night or eat their dinner and I have found that in the competitive world of parenting it is not always possible to find that someone and so I started my own parenting website to share my expertise.

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Having a baby and raising children is a wonderful, but often challenging journey for which there is no sat nav and no manual. I wanted to create a space to store all of the useful facts I have found out and to share these along with any hints and tips I may have. This is what you will find on Navigating Baby.


The site is mostly written by me so is heavily focused on mumlife and what it is like to be a woman in her late 40s with four kids.  Expect lots of mentions of peri menopause, ageing and all the efforts I go to to hold back the passage of time!

I hope to make you smile, be helpful and give ideas that make your life navigating baby just that bit easier. After all we have already made tonnes of mistakes so now you don't have to!

How can we help your brand?

We are happy to work with brands on product reviews, instagram features (also other social media) and feature pieces so please do get in touch (kirsty@navigatingbaby.com) for our up to date media pack and to discuss how we can help your brand. 

I can provide commentary for TV and Radio

I am able to provide sound bites, quotes and undertake interviews for TV, media sites, print media and Radio about all aspects of parenting and motherhood.

If you are a journalist please don't hesistate to contact me on instagram via DM and I will get back to you promptly.

I have previously provided sound bites and commentary for BBC Breakfast and Business Insider, Mumsnet, NetMums and BritMums

I can write articles for other sites

I am able to write complete articles on a sponsored basis to feature your brand on Navigating Baby.

Alternatively I can write feature pieces for your site about any aspect of parenting, family and home life or the experience of being a mother.  My writing has been featured on Britmums, Mumsnet, Twins Magazine and Family Life Online Magazine, Twins and Travels

Social Media Features

With around 18k followers on social media we are able to work with brands to feature their products on Instagram, Facebook and/ or Twitter. We have especially high engagement on instagram and have proved our skills at creating imaginative reels that go viral. Almost 100% of our followers are mothers and so we are perfectly placed to promote products for families.

Brands that I have worked with include:



Vin Can Can

Can Makers UK




Zuru Toys

Canal Toys

Birmingham Stage Company

Learning Resources

Olae Beauty

BBC CBeebies

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