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About Navigating Baby – Who are we?

I am Kirsty, the creator, editor and main writer of Navigating Baby.  I am the proud mummy to two little boys and twin girls.  It is now 9 years since I became ‘mummy’.  Sometimes I have navigated my way through the world of mummyhood successfully and sometimes less so. 

There have been so many times when I have needed to look for advice on the internet and have often found it impossible to find information written by someone actually in my situation. Sometimes I just wanted to hear that someone else had not been able to get their baby to stop crying,  potty train, sleep through the night or eat their dinner and I have found that in the competitive world of parenting it is not always possible to find that someone and so I started my own parenting blog.

All About Navigating Baby

Having a baby and raising children is a wonderful, but often challenging journey for which there is no sat nav and no manual. I wanted to create a space to store all of the useful facts I have found out and to share these along with any hints and tips I may have.  I hope that this is what you will find in our parenting blog; Navigating Baby.

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We are all really just muddling through trying to do the very best that we can and that is what this site is all about.  We are honest about the stuff that is tough about parenting and share the daft stuff we get up to as a family trying to have fun along this journey and not entirely lose our minds.  Our parenting style is more accidental than anything else if we are honest.  We haven’t read loads of parenting books and we probably won’t either…  Our priority is making sure the kids are happy, healthy and ready to deal with whatever life has to throw at them.  So we aren’t experts, but we have learnt lots along the way and continue to learn all the time as we navigate parenting.  We would like to think we have some expertise and hope that we will give our readers some useful ideas for ways to entertain the kids, travel ideas and how to make it through being a parent and still being a person in your own right.


The site is mostly written by me so is heavily focused on mumlife, but my husband also wanted to get in on the act as he thinks Daddies are very much forgotten and so he will also be throwing his two pennies worth in every so often.

We hope to make you smile, be helpful and give ideas that make your life navigating baby just that bit easier.  After all we have already made tonnes of mistakes so now you don’t have to!


We are happy to work with brands on product reviews, instagram features (also other social media) and feature pieces so please do get in touch (kirsty@navigatingbaby.com) for our up to date media pack and to discuss how we can help your brand.  See examples of our work by clicking on below images.  

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