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Christmas Jumper Day

13th December 2019 is Christmas Jumper Day

Tomorrow is Christmas Jumper Day here and my kids are all excited to be able to wear their Christmas Jumpers into school.  I will also be wearing mine, but what is it all about?  Apart from all the fun and games why do we all wear our Christmas Jumpers?  

Well it is all about raising funds for children.  Save the Children UK encourage all of us to wear our silliest and most festive Christmas Jumpers and donate just £2 (£1 for school children) towards the work of Save the Children.   

Recycle, Up-cycle and Create

Save the Children are keen for us all to not just buy a new Christmas Jumper each year, but to reuse and recycle the ones we have so today glue gun in hand I made my own Christmas Jumper which I have to say I can’t wait to wear tomorrow. 

Christmas Jumper day

At the kid’s school we had everyone bring in old Christmas Jumpers that our kids had grown out of to the recent Christmas market so that they could be passed onto others so lots of the kids will be reusing jumpers tomorrow.  My own kids have had their jumpers handed down by our god children and in fact the girls will be the 3rd kids to wear the jumpers they will be sporting tomorrow.  They weren’t hugely thrilled about the prospect of wearing their brother’s (and god brothers) cast offs, but I have worked my magic thanks to The Book People’s Christmas Jumper kit and now they are very excited. 

Ways you can get involved

  • Hold your own Christmas Jumper drinks party
  • Donate your old jumpers to Save the Children. You can order your own clothes donation bag here and then take it to any Save the Children store or DPD drop off points:  Order a donation bag
  • Organise a Bake Sale
  • Forget about those Christmas cards this year and donate to the campaign instead
  • And of course… wear your Christmas Jumper with pride

Is it too late to get involved with Christmas Jumper Day?

No not at all say Save the Children!  Firstly they say that if you can’t do your Christmas Jumper day tomorrow then no problem do it another day.  So there is still time to get hold of your own fundraising pack and organise your own event.  I have one of the packs and there games to play, stickers to use and fundraising information.  

What does the money raised at Christmas Jumper day support?

The work of Save the Children is extensive and worldwide.  Your £2 can literally change the lives of children.  Supporting the Christmas Jumper day really can make a difference.  Some examples of how the money raised can be used are:

  • £1 could buy enough food for a family of seven for a day
  • £2 can buy antibiotics for eight children fighting pneumonia one of the leading killers of children worldwide
  • £5 could buy educational toys for a child in the UK to learn through play
  • £10 could pay for a child’s schoolbag kit in Kenya, to help children learn 
  • £16 equips a midwife in Afghanistan with a birthing kit to help her bring new life into the world safely
  • £20 could provide a newborn baby and her mother with the vital supplies they need to get the best start in life

There are some fabulous examples of how the funds raised by the #ChristmasJumperDay initiative have helped children all over the world to improve their current and future lives over on the Save the Children Website and you can also sign up there and make a donation.  

This Christmas Jumper Day get involved how ever you can as they are doing some fabulous work and helping kids all over the world improve their prospects and chances.  Have a fab and fun day and do share all your photos of you and your kids wearing their Christmas Jumpers.  Hashtag #ChristmasJumperDay

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