Frozen the Musical London

Frozen the Musical London Review

Before I start this let me just say this is not paid or sponsored in any way.  I bought these tickets as my girls love Frozen and I wanted to give them a treat, but that is just what it was a treat from start to finish and so I wanted to tell you all about our trip.

Frozen the Musical London Review

Frozen the Musical London is on at the Theatre Royal on Drury Lane London’s theatreland and this is only about 30 mins from us by tube, but we haven’t really been into town during the pandemic.  It has been so strange not going somewhere that I used to go every single day.  We hadn’t been on the tube for two years which is just insane when you think we live on a tube line.

Honestly we were too scared of getting covid and had been trying to avoid it, but if you follow us on instagram, you will know that that ship has now sailed as we all caught covid during half term probably whilst we were on holiday.  That meant that we suddenly felt liberated from our concerns.  We felt free for the first time in two years and for a moment in time that was amazing.  Suddenly our lovely city wasn’t closed off to us anymore and so we took advantage of that feeling, jumped on the tube and headed into central London.

Sadly it seems our feeling of freedom may not last long thanks to the new variant, but for now at least we are packing in activities left, right and centre just in case we all get locked down again.

Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal Drury Lane

Back to Frozen the Musical London…  as I said it is on at the Drury Lane Theatre which is one of my favourites.  It is just stunning in there.

Even before the show starts it is just a lovely space to be with a champagne bar, glorious and sumptuous décor and the chandeliers and ceilings – wow!  So as soon as we got there it was exciting and then the show began.

The Show…

To start with I, personally found it a little distracting that the movement through the story is slightly different and there are some different songs or differing words within known songs, but if you hadn’t been subjected to the Frozen movie 5 zillion times by your twin daughters and had just watched it the normal once or even twice I am sure that wouldn’t even be something you would notice.

Even in my case, where I could pretty much recite the movie script to you, it only took a minute for Frozen the Musical London to transport me away to Arundel and make me forget that there ever was an animated version.  It truly is extraordinary.

The Sets and Lighting

There really is no other way to describe the sets and the lighting of Frozen the Musical than WOW!  I have never seen a show like it.  The lighting in particular made such a difference to the atmosphere and feeling of the show.  It brought the magic alive.  I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but the Let it Go moment is spectacular.

My sister and I took the girls to the show and her and I spent so much of it going ‘Wow’ or ‘ that’s so clever’ and the faces of the twins when they saw Elsa’s dress change before their eyes or a group of people seemingly freeze actually brought me to tears.  They were just mesmerized.  Even if you hate musicals I can’t see how you wouldn’t be impressed by the sets and the lighting.

The Cast

You don’t get to be on the West End stage unless you are super talented so I probably don’t need to tell you that the cast were superb, but I am going to anyway…  The cast were superb!  Such fantastic voices and acting skills.  They were just brilliant.

After the show

When the show was finished my sister suggested taking the girls into Covent Garden for ice cream and if you are going to see Frozen the Musical before Christmas I totally recommend doing this too.  We got to see the lights in Covent Garden and the snow that falls by the tree on the hour every hour.

Frozen the Musical London Review

We played at being tourists really as we even ate at one of the restaurants watching the performers.  As a Londoner I have never sat there before as of course it is expensive as is everything that can attract tourists, but this felt like a special evening and it was super fun to be a tourist in our own city and just enjoy the place that we live, but have missed so much of in the past two years.


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  2. I am so very happy you got to enjoy this experience at least. I haven’t seen the movie at all, so to me the changes to the songs wouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, here’s hoping you won’t need to be in lockdown anytime soon – we just entered one today here in the Netherlands and it’s not even because of the new variant. #MischiefandMemories

    1. Oh no! I hope your lockdown doesn’t last long. My brother in law is Dutch and it is so awful that he has hardly been able to go home at all for years now

  3. The Frozen Musical is on our theatre bucket list. My boys are very keen to see it. Did you see the Frozen Ice Sculptures in Convent Garden? They were pretty amazing. Olaf was a favourite with us! #MischiefAndMemories

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