Outdoor Activities for a Family

5 Outdoor Activities for Families

Summer is apparently here in the UK.  You may sense my skepticism…  However, last weekend was an absolute scorcher and those long kids summer holidays are looming…  So I thought I would share 5 outdoor activities for families to enjoy together.  With all of the distractions these days including those electronic devices it can be hard to get kids outside so fun family activities are something we think are really important.  These are times when even mummy and daddy step away from the phones!!

Family Friendly garden Activities

Nature Bingo

We are subscribers to the fabulous Mud and Bloom nature boxes (we were originally sent a box to try out and then paid to subscribe as we enjoyed it so much).  Each month they have a trail card in them.  Last month we were out looking for butterflies and the month before bees.  I love these as it really gets the kids engaged wit the world around them.  I don’t know about your kids, but mine don’t ever ‘just’ want to go for a walk…  Yet it is a lovely thing to do on a sunny day as a family.  

Games for children

These cards remind me of something we used to do a lot to keep our toddlers focused when out and about.  We make ‘spot it cards’ and then laminate them so that the kids can mark off what they see with a felt tip.  We just wipe them clean and can use them again.

You can make this work better for slightly children by adding in the element of competition and doing a nature bingo game.  Seeing who is first to mark off all of the elements on their card.  It makes any walk more fun for kids.


Traditional Garden Games

A few weeks ago I spotted a ‘hoopla’ style game at my local lidl and I snapped it up for our holiday. 

fun outdoor activities for families

I thought we should test it out first and the kids now won’t let me put it away.  It reminded me of all those more simple games that we used to have.  I was thinking about Croquet, Boules, Quoits and Tug of War.  I love games like that as the whole family can get involved.  Even as an adult you can get enjoyment from playing these outdoor games.  Perfect for a summer’s evening outside or perhaps a family BBQ.

Swing Ball

As a young child I always wanted a swing ball, but we weren’t allowed.  Something to do with injuries…  So I was hesitant to buy one for my kids, but I think the design has progressed!  I love this one from mookie toys.  It works on all surfaces as you balance it with sand or water, but also packs away neatly into itself.  They are perfect for smaller city gardens or for taking away on holiday or on a day trip.   I am thinking of also getting the basketball hoop from the same range.

Not only do these make great family games for outside, but they are also a perfect activity to suggest for that child who says ‘mummy I am bored’ 

Create an animal/ dinosaur world

This activity may not quite be a whole family outdoor activity, but it gets everyone out and about and then gives mummy and daddy a bit of downtime so it works for me!! 

All you need is an old Tupperware container, some rocks, some leaves and a smaller Tupperware to make the lake!  Oh you will also need toy dinosaurs and or animals.  If you have some play sand you can also use that to create a shore, but its certainly not essential.

dinosaur world made with kids

This activity is perfect for those summer days when you are bored.  You can make this take up a full morning or afternoon so is a fab kids summer holiday activity.  So the first part of this activity is going out an about to collect all the bits for your wilderness.  So a trip to the local park or forest is in order.  

Then it is back home to let their imaginations go wild.  My kids have also included moon sand versions ancient buildings or used play doh to make volcanoes in the past.  Once they have made their world then they play with it.  We usually keep it for a few days as well so they come back to it and get more fun.  

You could do this inside as well, but I prefer to keep all the leaves and stones in the garden…


Water Fights

Is there anything more fun on a hot summer’s day than having a water fight?  My kids certainly don’t need asking twice to  get involved. 

family outdoor fun

We have loads of water pistols and love spending a family afternoon in the sun building barricades and soaking one another!  If you fancy doing a water fight with your family I would suggest these water balloons that fill up in like a minute and no tying necessary

I think my kids enjoy the build up and preparation almost as much as the water fight itself.  

Family Friendly Outdoor Activities

Last weekend the whole time was basically one big water fight.  We had the ‘big’ family battle and from then on every time I looked at the boys they were squirting one another with water or filling buckets to throw over one another…

What would you add to this list?  I would love to hear your ideas.

31 thoughts on “5 Outdoor Activities for Families”

  1. So many fantastic ideas and I especially like the idea of creating a dinosaur world. I’ll definitely be suggesting that one to my boys. #DreamTeam

  2. Great suggestions – thank you! I definitely don’t want my daughter to be obsessed with electronics, especially when it is beautiful outside. Best wishes, Shelley #DreamTeam

    1. It is hard to get that bit sorted. They seem to be drawn to electronic things. I am glad that we can still get them outside and playing. I am sure once they are teenagers it will be harder

  3. My kids have a blast playing with water balloons outside. When I was a kid we used to play croquet and my grandparents backyard.

  4. You have fun all figured out! I love the water ideas the best, especially as we heat the planet hotter and hotter. Our girls had the water balloons and sprinkler play in full action. I would add some nighttime fun, like finding lightening bugs and sparklers, followed by a few tasty s’mores to top off the night! #dreamteam xoxo

    1. The nighttime activities sound great. We don’t have lightening bugs here. I am for sure going to try smores when we go camping soon, but we don’t quite get the right biscuits for it.

  5. Your animal world idea is so simple but so good! My little girl would love that. I’ve also been waiting to get a Swingball since I was about 7, so can’t wait until our two are old enough for one! #dreamteam

  6. So many great ideas for the summer holidays. We love swing ball here! When I was little we would play that for hours. Getting outdoors is so important isn’t it? I might give your dinosaur world ago – we’ve not done that in ages. #DreamTeam xx

    1. My girls are now fairy obsessed so I am thinking of doing the same thing with fairies. By the way they have seen the LOL surprise dolls and are asking… So we are about to enter that world I will be coming to you for tips about the best ones. #DreamTeam

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