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A day in the life of being mummy to 4 kids

A day in the life of being mummy to 4 kids

Life is busy when you have kids and when you have four it is chaos.  Sometimes my husband comes home and asks did you do this that or the other admin type task and I want to strangle him but yet a I reply no I was too busy lunching and getting my nails done if only… Here is a real glimpse into a day in the life of being mummy to 4 kids.

So for example let’s take last Wednesday. We were up at normal time and I spent the usual 40 mins or so haranguing and harassing the boys to put on their pants, quit shouting willy and poo alternately and clean their teeth.  I dressed the girls having a tug of war with one as she refused to let me clean her bottom (more poo shouting ensued from the boys).  I got a lovely kiss and a cuddle from the other twin but then she knocked over her cereal bowl so we stopped being friends whilst I cleared that up.  I emptied the dishwasher and put on a load of washing before loading the girls into the buggy and having heated debate with the boys about the merits of wearing coats in the winter – one was not convinced so I carried his coat.  We  scooted, walked and rode in a buggy to school where we were on time for once and made the class lines – small victory and was down to 3 kids!!!  Then we headed round the corner to unlock the church hall for playgroup, we set up the toys and ran the group (well I did the kids just played).  After playgroup we tidied away all the toys and locked up again before loading the girls back into the buggy and heading round the corner to a coffee shop.  Our nanny met us there and took the girls home – down to one boy.  He and I had lunch and did his reading did nursery.  This is our 1:1 time each week.  At around 12:30pm we headed off to drop him to nursery and once he was kissed goodbye I went for a run and HITT session on the common before heading home to do an hour or so cv writing for a client.  At 3pm I rushed off to collect from nursery and then school.  We headed straight from school to the boys swimming classes.  We arrived home around 5:15pm and our nanny had the boys dinner ready.  I sat with them whilst they ate and our nanny bathed the girls.  My husband arrived home around 5:30pm and went off to do his HITT session.  The boys started the long process of shower and get dressed for bed. Our nanny left at 6 and my husband started putting the girls in bed.  I made their milk and they went to sleep by 7.  The boys finished in the bathroom and I helped get them dressed before saying goodnight and leaving the rest to my husband. I tidied the toys, wiped and cleared the table, reloaded the dishwasher, hung out washing and out on another load and cleaned the kitchen.  I went back to work about 7:30pm.  At around 8:30pm our takeaway arrives (Wednesday is lazy night) and then at 10pm I went to bed.

Now I wonder why I didn’t get all that admin done…. I should also say that I am so glad I am able to have a nanny twice a week as even 14hrs means I can have a few minutes to myself and get some work done.  I should add I also found time to make and drink several cups of coffee but failed to have breakfast!

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