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Hello and welcome to this week’s #DreamTeam bloggers linky.  Now you may not have expected to see me here again, but surprise!!!! 

I am thrilled to announce that I am officially joining the #DreamTeam with Heather from Shank You Very Much and Annette from 3littlebuttons as a full time host.  I was delighted to be asked and am looking forward to being part of this trio!

I can’t wait to read all of your posts each week and hope that you enjoy having me be a host.  Now lets get our party on…..


This week it is time for kids in the UK to return to school and tomorrow my little boys start their school year.  This means two things;  I will be stressed each morning trying to get four littles up and out and I will miss all of the crazy. So this week I am sharing a post about the things that I will miss about those crackers little loons once they aren’t here for most of the day.  Good luck to all those restarting that school run this week.



#DREAMTEAM Featured Bloggers

The Single Swan – He left me by the pianist
This post is so poignant it brought a tear to my eye.  A heartfelt account of meeting up with an old love, what might of been and what was.  I loved it.
This post is so very very true!  Crummy Mummy tells us about her holiday and some of the chaos that ensues when holidaying with kids.  The tale is told in her fabulously funny style and as I am always sure that ‘We’ are ‘THAT’ family this really made me smile

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