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#Blogtober18 Day 9 Invitations/ Letters #Worldpostday


Have you noticed that nothing is hand written anymore?  Not even a party invitation.  It is all either online, emailed or printed.  No one writes letters anymore and whilst I don’t really either I think it is a shame that just as video killed the radio star; email killed the letter.



We do still regularly receive letters from my husband’s grandmother.  She is in her 90s (I am sure she won’t mind be sharing as she is amazing for her age) and so is from a different era where letter writing was the norm.  She often puts pen to paper to update us on her news and send love to the kids or to comment on the latest set of photos we have sent to her.  She is the only person really who ever writes to us or the kids.  When she was a girl I am sure that not everyone even had a phone and so the written word was king.  Now we all take to our mobiles and either talk, email or text.  I wonder if we will one day forget how to speak too and only communicate by text?!  Although probably not as I believe voice notes are the thing these days with those young peeps.  Perhaps we will just evolve to a place where we can’t write at all?

I get it that it takes time and effort to write and post a letter so email or text is pretty much always going to win out, but don’t you think there is something special about getting a letter?  I have kept some of the birthday cards and letters that my nana and nanny sent to me and now that they are no longer with us they have even more of a special status for me.  I don’t look at them often, but I know that I have them.  Having something written in their hand feels really special to me and makes me see and feel them as living beings rather than just as memories in my heart.  The letter shows that they were here.

Now I always make sure that I write notes in the cards or books that I give to my children as I shouldn’t think they will be looking back fondly on emails or texts.  It just isn’t the same somehow…

Progress and technological advancement is truly amazing and has undoubtedly made all of our lives easier, but some things like writing letters have gotten lost along the way and that is a real shame.  Right I am off to read a love text from the husband –  see not the same is it?…..


10 thoughts on “#Blogtober18 Day 9 Invitations/ Letters #Worldpostday”

  1. Oh yES, THE wRitten word will never die. It doesn’t matter that it takes longer to write or receive there is something special about having something handwritten, they are certainly becoming rarer though.

  2. I think written letters will always be special. You can’t put emails or txts into a box and keep them in the loft…. not unless you go to the trouble of printing them, and even then…… you cant see the person’s handwriting. I have postcards my Grandad sent home during WW2 and they are amazing. XX #blogtober18

  3. I miss receiving real letters. I had a few penpals as a kid, and we used to send each other random stuff, as well as letters. Receiving a bag of Turkish sweets was one I remember being particularly excited about haha! #blogtober18

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