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Blume Baby Pop – How Many Babies will you pop?

Blume Baby Pop Review

We have already bought the girls Blume Dolls which they loved so when we offered the chance to receive one of  the Blume Baby Pop range I knew it would be a total hit with them.  Just like the Blume dolls this product is cleverly packaged so that almost all of the packaging is part of the toy and part of the fun.  On a first glance it is colourful and looks super cute so it was instantly attractive to my almost 5 year old twins.  In fact there were squeals of delight before we even started getting into the 25 surprises that the Blume Baby Pop sets contain.

Blume Baby Pop looks like a flower pot with 5 plants sprouting up.  Each of the sprouts contains a surprise and this is where the kids start to explore the toy.  You pull out each of the sprouts and as you do they make the most delicious ‘POP’ sound.  The husband and I could have done that bit all day so fab is the sound, but the girls were keen to move on and find out what was inside each sprout…  One of the fun things about Baby Blume Pop is that whilst the ‘surprise’ element is one time only the ‘POP’ is the gift that keeps on giving and making the sprouts ‘POP’ has been a big part of the girls play with this set.

Once you open the sprout you find out whether you have a Blume Baby or accessories in each one. So none of them are empty and you are guaranteed to have at least 3 Blume babies, but you could have up to 5.  We were only lucky enough to get 3. My girls were not in the least bit disappointed by that as they were also thrilled with the accessories such as teddy bears and bottles for the Blume Baby.

There are 3 sets of Blume Babies;  30 Adorable babies, 15 Rare babies and 5 Super Rare babies. We got 2 Adorable babies and 1 Rare baby

Baby Moods

As well as all have a cute hairstyle/ accessory that is removable, a swaddle and a nappy (not removable part of doll) each baby has a mood. There are also six baby moods: Curious, Dreamy, Crying, Winky, Happy and Poopy.  We got a poopy baby (much to everyone’s delight and amusement) and 2 crying babies (that is the story of my life;)).  All of them are very cute and they really did immediately capture the imagination of my little girls.

Blume Baby Pop Accessories

There are over 60 different accessories that you could get including bottles, lollipops, teddy bears, hairbrushes, toys and balloons for your Blume Baby Pop to play with.  We received 9 different gifts.  These pieces are quite little so usually I might heave a sigh as they revealed them, knowing that I would now be picking  them up or looking for them forever more, but Blume Baby Pop has this covered by including a toy chest in the nursery play set where all the little bits can be stored.  Genius!!

The Nursery

If you gently pull on the bottom of the plant pot your little one will reveal the secret baby nursery.  This includes a baby bath, the toy chest I mentioned above, a cosy costume for your Blume Baby Pop, a nursery background scene, a sticker sheet and a deluxe gift (baby toy items such as a pram or highchair.  It also contains a ladder which attaches to your swimming pool for the Blume Baby dolls to climb up.  The swimming pool itself is the clear lid that was the original packaging for the toy.  How clever is that?  More on this later….

Nursery Scene

There are 5 scene themes to collect;  Zoo, Woodland, Sea, Llama and Unicorn. We got the Llama theme.  It is very cute.  Word of warning it is cardboard and if your little ones decide to put water in the baby bath the two don’t mix very well.  I had to rescue their one before it got ruined.  My girls are only 4 though so control and being sensible isn’t really their thing!

Cozy Costume

Each Blume Baby comes in its own removable swaddle, but you also get a cute cozy costume for one of the babies.  We got a dinosaur costume and  it is very sweet.  The girls enjoyed having the added element of being able to change the Blume Baby.

The Gender Reveal

Just when you think all of the surprises have been revealed there is just one more…  It is time to find out if you have boy or girl babies with the gender reveal.  This is what the swimming pool is for.  You need to use cold water (I did not have it cold enough I discovered) and dip your Baby Pop into the pool.  The nappy changes colour from white to pink or white to blue to reveal the gender.  If the water isn’t cold the colour change will be less noticeable.


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blume baby pop

Mummy’s Blume Baby Pop Review Verdict

This toy had me as soon as I heard the ‘POP’ sound 🙂  I could have listened to it for ages which is lucky as my girls have not stopped playing with it since.  They spent hours in the garden with their Blume Baby dolls ‘swimming’ in the pool and have had so much fun role playing taking care of the babies.  They have played really nicely with this toy and that is a total winner for me. 

The long and short of my blume baby pop review is that I would definitely recommend this product especially now when, lets face it, we all need as many ways of occupying the kids as possible.  I have had at least 2 hours to home school their brothers whilst they have been occupied and having  so much fun with their Blume Baby Pop set.  They have loved it so much that I have just placed an order for another one for their upcoming birthday.  They are available at Argos, Smyths Toys and on Amazon

For me Blume Baby Pop is a great little toy that has a lot to offer kids.  The surprise element is a great bit of excitement and then the imaginative play that comes afterwards is just lovely to see.  As the parent perhaps my favourite part is that there isn’t loads of unnecessary packaging.  This toy is very well thought out and almost all of the packaging is used within play which I really appreciate.  I also very much like that all of the bits can be stored within the container making it a very practical addition to a kids playroom or bedroom and one that I know my kids will continue to get a lot of fun out of.  

How do you think your kids would play with the Blume Baby Pop toys?

10 thoughts on “Blume Baby Pop – How Many Babies will you pop?”

  1. This looks great Kirsty. I’m sure Little Miss would I’ve it and we’re looking for new ideas and activities to relieve the boredom.

  2. Shelley Whittaker

    I saw these over on your Instagram and feel in love with them. They are on my shopping list for my daughter’s 3rd birthday in July! #DreamTeamLinky

  3. These are just so cute! I’ve actually seen these in store (before lock down) and almost bought a set. I really wish I had now. I love how the babies pop out of the flower pot. It’s such a clever idea and it looks like these are easy to store too. #DreamTeamLinky xx

    1. They have given my girls so much fun. I think my boys are a bit old for them, but they liked making the ‘pop’ sound #DreamTeamLinky

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