Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser

I have recently been asked to use and review + Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser.  I always have a hand sanitiser in my bag as with two little ones and especially when one is potty training you never know when you will need it.  Other mummies will, I am sure, agree that this is an invaluable part of the changing bag kit.  I have noticed that babies tend not to wait until you are near a tap before delivering a poo present so it is always handy to have a hand sanitiser for yourself too.  With that said I wondered whyEco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser would be any different to my existing brand, but it seems that it is the lack of alcohol in it and the addition of aloe vera that make the difference.

Alcohol Free

I never thought that I would be extolling the virtues of anything alcohol free, but in this case I am making an exception.  Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser is alcohol free which means that it doesn’t have the strong smell that is present in other hand sanitisers in fact it doesn’t have any smell.  This also means that the faint stinging sensation (or massive stinging if you have an unknown paper cut) is missing.  For me, I found this to be really useful as my eldest refused to use the other ones as he doesn’t like the smell or the way it feels, but with Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser I was able to show him that it didn’t happen and even made his hands feel soft afterwards and so now he will happily use it.  This is really helpful when faced with a potty training accident out and about.  I have also found this useful to use as a reinforcement of the importance of hand washing as when it goes onto hands it is a white foam which doesn’t look dissimilar to soap and so I can use it as a hand washing substitute when not at home.

Aloe Vera

It seems that when our skin is dry it is easier for germs to thrive and so the clever peeps at Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser have added aloe vera to the product and I can honestly say that your hands do feel softer after using it so there are no worries about getting dry skin even in the winter.


Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser has another added benefit which is that it continues to kill germs for up to 4 hours after use a great idea if you have to use public transport or when you are attending playgroups where often the toys are little germ havens.  It is reassuring to know that whilst you are out and about no nasties are getting through.  Especially if your little one is like mine and constantly eats everything and has their hands in and out of their mouth.

According to Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser their product is 100 times more effective at killing bugs and germs that high street equivalents.  It has proven efficacy against E coli, Sars, Bird Flu, MRSA and Noro Virus non of which I want in my house!

As an aside this product has been chosen for use by NASA and if its good enough for astronauts its good enough for me!

Eco Hydra Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser comes in 50ml bottles and will retail for £2.49 at boots and

I would totally recommend this product especially if you do have kids as they will use it because of the lack of smell/ skin reaction.  My only improvement request would be that they added someway of attaching it to your bag or buggy to make sure it is always to hand and not in one of the many pockets in my changing bag, but then that could just be about me being more organised!!  Ultimately I have nothing bad to say about the product and my experience of using it has been great.


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