Chocolate Puns in the post

Chocolate Puns in the Post

Chocolate Puns in the Post

Wait… someone will send me chocolate through the post? Erm… did I die and go to heaven?  This was my reaction when I learnt that we had been invited to try the latest product offering from Morse Toad who already do fabulous personalised gifts made out of chocolate.

Please note Morse Toad gave me a free trial of this product so that I could write this review, but the opinions are as ever completely my own.

The Chocolate Puns in the post are something a bit different as not only do you get lovely piece of chocolate, but it also has a beautiful and colour illustration and pun on it so you get to send a funny edible message essentially.  You can personalise this letterbox gift by adding a photo and you can also add a personalised message to the box.  These seemed like a fun idea for a gift so I was very keen to try them.  As we all get older it is really hard to find gifts for friends so I thought these chocolate puns might be a great new addition to my list of possible presents.

I am not going to lie I really wanted to just order this for myself when I was sent my order code, but I thought I had best see what the whole experience was like for someone getting the gift so instead I did it as an early Father’s Day present for my husband from the kids.  I had it addressed to me so I could make sure I was there when he opened it and I could see his response.  He genuinely did have a little chuckle when he saw his chocolate pun and he did not initially believe that it was chocolate until he tasted it.


He is a rare breed that I don’t understand who can just have one piece of chocolate and then put it back in the fridge for another day – odd!!  So it is there tormenting me and calling ‘Eat me Eat me!’, but he is very much enjoying saving it.

Chocolate Puns Quality

The product itself seems of a great quality and the packaging is really lovely and quite funky in its styling. The chocolate tastes good which is the main thing and the colours on the pun image are bright and vibrant.  The writing is very clear and crisp so there is really nothing to complain about with this product.  The image and the writing do smudge quite easily, but this is advice that is included with the product and its hardly surprising as it is chocolate and that melts when you touch it! It is a cute gift that it is a little bit different. 

The chocolate puns are very well packaged so that they won’t get broken going through the post.  There is some single use plastic in the packaging, but it is not excessive. I would be surprised if anyone were disappointed with the product’s quality when it arrives.

Even my husband, who is not the sentimental type, appreciated the little touches like the personalised photo that was included as the gift card being on a credit card style card.  He is now carrying it in his wallet.


How much do Chocolate Puns cost?

We really did like these chocolate pun gifts.  I can actually see lots of uses for these and they aren’t too expensive at £8.20 with the photo and £6.95 without.  I think they would work especially well for someone who needed a little pick me up or a reminder that they were loved don’t you?  They are a great alternative to sending flowers to convey a message.

I reckon in the future and as the company create more designs, which they will, I will be back again and again for that slightly quirky and unusual personalised gift and I am fairly sure that anyone who I send chocolate through the post to will be more than thrilled to receive it.  I know we were.



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