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Confident Game – A Review

Are you confident enough to play the Confident game?

Have you heard of the Confident? game?  I hadn’t, but recently we were asked to join the Asmodee Blogger Board Game Club and this is the first game that we were sent to try out.    So I wanted to tell you all about it…


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Confident?  is a family game suitable for playing with family and friends aged 11 or older.  It is all about being confident with your answers and backing yourself and is tagged as the guess a range party game. It is great fun.  We decided to try it with just my husband and I as a preparation for family games at Christmas.  Read on to find out more about what we thought of the game and how it works.

How do you play the Confident Game?

Confident game is all about guessing a numerical range in response to random questions that you are unlikely to actually know the specific correct answer to for example ‘How many floors are there in the Empire State Building?’ or ‘In what year was the bikini first launched?’.  You don’t just guess one answer though you guess a range.  Once everyone playing has written down their answer you reveal the actual answer.  If your range includes the correct answer you score points.  The winner of each round is the one who has the smallest range in which the correct answer falls.

Who can play?

This game is for 11+ and whilst I am sure my 9 year old could understand the rules and be able to join in I think that the brand is right about the age group.  I am not sure a child younger than around 11 would know what all the references were and that is part of the fun of the game;  finding out the correct answer…

We played as a couple, but could definitely see this game being a hit with my parents on Christmas Day.  I think it will be a real conversation starter.  Even just with the two of us playing we were really surprised about some of the answers and our own guesses made us laugh.  Playing this game with friends and family would surely just increase that and I think it would be really fun.  You can see it all in action on the Confident? website

What we liked about the Confident Game

Within the game box you are given everything you need to play so wipe clean boards to write your answers on, white board markers with rubbers, a score sheet again wipe clean and loads of question and answer cards.  I think you could play this game loads and loads of times before you ended up knowing the answers as there are so many cards.  By the way Asmodee have thought of this and you can also purchase additional cards separately so you can extend the life of the game, but honestly there are so many cards within the pack it will be a fair while before you need them even if playing regularly.

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We liked how easy it was to get started; the rules are simple and it is straight forward so there is no complicated set up or hours spent trying to work out how to play.  It is really open the box and get going.  That is just perfect for when you are playing with friends we think as who wants to spend ages sitting quietly listening to someone telling you rules when you are supposed to be having fun.

Confident Game Review

We also loved how social this game is.  It isn’t a quiet strategic game it is a friendly, chatty game which encourages interaction and laughter.  There is no way you won’t be chatting and exclaiming ‘no way’  or ‘I can’t believe it’ when you start reading out the answers.  It also really encourages a bit of debate and thought especially if you end up playing in teams on a family game night.  It really is just lots of fun.  You can even get a personal expansion pack so you can create questions about the people playing which could be loads of fun.

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One thing we loved about this game in the current world is that it lends itself perfectly to be being played over zoom!  To make a really great family games night this Christmas without all being in the same room you could post your family some of the game boards, pens and cards and then get started.  As you have the wipe clean game boards it is so easy to hold your answers up to the screen and to play as if you were all in the same room. 

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We think it is a perfect solution if you are not able to see everyone you want to this Christmas and for that reason alone we are giving the Confident game a serious thumbs up!!

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