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Crate Creatures Surprise Review

Crate Creatures Surprise Review – the verdict is in!!

Recently we were asked if we would like to try out some new toys and do a Crate Creatures Surprise review.  The answer from me was a great big YES as I knew my boys would absolutely love them.  We were sent two Bashers and two Barf Buddies to play with.  The boys have put them through their paces and the verdict is in so check out our Crate Creatures Surprise review.  

We were sent these toys to review, but all thoughts and opinions are our own.  Post contains affiliate links

Crate Creatures Surprise Review

Crate Creatures Bashers

Bashers are funny looking creatures who are super colourful and make gross fun noises when you pull their tongue .  I can’t tell you how much my boys were delighted to discover that.  I should tell you that the noises aren’t very loud which is great for mummy, but my boys would have loved them to be really loud – lol!! 

The idea with this toy is that you fling it and bash it about as the name suggests.  As you bash them about you get to hear more gross noises.  You basically do this like you would fling an elastic band;  using the tongue.  I will let my son show you how…

Crate Creatures Bashers

The box that the Crate Creatures Surprise Bashers come in opens out to be a target.  We think is a great idea as it brings another dimension to the toy.  It basically gets turned into an outdoor game.  However, we did find that perhaps the targets weren’t quite big enough as it was hard to tell where the Basher actually landed.  It did give us another way of playing with them though and my kids found the noises hilarious. They now want to make their own targets and assign points so they can have a big battle!

Crate Creatures Surprise Bashers

There are 12 to unleash and launch and I know that we will be buying some more.  My plan is to take some of these on holiday with us as I think they will make a fun surprise for the kids.  They don’t take up a lot of room in the packing and the kids can play with them in a couple of different ways.  This to me makes a perfect holiday toy. 


Crate Creatures Barf Buddies

These were definitely a total hit with the boys.  They combine some of their favourite things slime, crazy looking creatures and a little bit of yuck!  Each Barf Buddy (there are 6 to collect) comes with a pot of slime and three puke pals hidden within the slime pot.  Just the phrase ‘puke pal’  had them hooked… 

Crate Creatures Surprise Review

Whilst the Crate Creature Barf Buddy is still trapped in his crate you can pull his tail and his mouth opens, but the fun really begins once the Crate Creature is unleashed into the world…  You load up the creature’s mouth with slime and then as you pull the tail oozes and flings out of its mouth.  What I like about these toys is that once the slime has gone you can always refill and play again.  I also liked that you get the 3 smaller ‘puke pals’ as well. 

My boys love little characters like that and these have made their way firmly into their prized possession boxes.  They really enjoy playing with these. 

The only thing I would say as a boring and super sensible parent is that I would probably keep these for non carpeted rooms as my boys did fling the slime about a bit.  They had a great time though so if your little one loves slime then I would recommend the Crate Creatures Barf Buddies as something a bit different.

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11 thoughts on “Crate Creatures Surprise Review”

  1. Shelley Whittaker

    I haven’t heard of these before but they look really fun for the kids. Thanks for the great review as always! #DreamTeamLinky

  2. These toys look so much fun! I m not surprised that they were a big hit with your boys. Wacky characters, gross sounds, slime… it’s everything neatly packaged into a little bundle of fun. I like how they are quite small so could easily moved around the house/garden for playing with. #DreamTeamLinky xx

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