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Cream Cheese Bites – After School Snack

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This is the easiest snack idea of the week and literally takes less than a minute to prepare, but because it looks interesting the littles love it!  I tend to also bring an apple or a banana with me when I do this after school snack as although they are delicious there is only so much cream cheese a person can eat!

You will need:

  • A packet of good quality ham – it can’t be too thickly sliced as then it won’t roll properly.  I find the wafer thin ham folded in half to make it thicker works best
  • A cucumber
  • Cream Cheese

The How:

Ham and Cheese Swirls

Take a piece of ham and spread it with cream cheese.  You want the cheese to be quite thick so that you can see it in the swirl.  I think around the same thickness as the piece of ham works well.  The best way to do it is with a teaspoon I find.  It should look something like this:

After school snacks

Roll the ham up starting at the shortest side so that you have a sort of sausage.  You need to roll it tightly so that it does not come undone, but the cheese will help with this

Cut it horizontally into pieces around 1cm thick

After school snack

And that is quite simply that!  I said it was quick and easy didn’t I?

Cucumber Cheese Circles

Cut off the amount of cucumber you plan to use.

Hold it in one hand and using a teaspoon or a melon baller if you have one slightly scoop out the centre you just want to remove the ‘seedy’ bit

Fill the hole with the cream cheese and cut into 1cm ish slices.  This leaves a circle of the cheese surrounded by cucumber IMG 0390

These two snack options are very quick to prepare, but do really need to be done fairly close to pick up so that they are at their best.  On a hot day (she types as it snows in March!) I pop the Cucumber one  in the freezer for a few mins before going to school so that is really refreshing for the littles as well.  They also make great healthy options for party food.

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